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Access Theater

Access Thetre is one of New York's premier producers of new works and of innovative voices in the Off-Off Broadway scene. Its fifteen-year history is rich with the early works of then-unknown theater artists, artists now recognized and respected for the huge, significant contributions they have made to modern theater.
Address: New York, NY, 10013    
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Website: Access Theater
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Access Theater
Access Theater
Since 1992, Access Theater has served as a cost-effective rental alternative to New York's Off-Off and Independent Theater scene. When not producing its own works, Access seeks innovative, not-for-profit producing organizations devoted to the production of new works. Access Theater volunteer staff defers salaries and fees, diverting revenue into its mission of offering a well-maintained, subsidized and therefore affordable, downtown venue for the showcasing of emerging artists and their efforts. As such, it has served as host to an impressive roster of theater artists, from The Working Theater to Fringe NYC. Access Theatre often serves in a co-producing capacity, picking up and extending runs of renters' productions. Access  prides itself on its reputation as one of the most affordable, lovingly maintained theater houses in New York. The New York Times, Time Out New York, and others, with histories of overlooking downtown venues, are regular attendees of productions at Access Theater, and have praised its efforts, describing Access as "one of the theaters to pay attention to in downtown New York." (New York Times). Access has joined forces with organizations big (Scholastic Publishing) and not-as-big (Manhattan Children's Theatre, Battery Dance) to create programming geared outward, toward our community and its families. Access continues to seek ways to create resources for others, with subsidized, sometimes free, rehearsal and performance space for not-for-profit organizations in need of our resources. Stephen Belber, Brian Dykstra, David Johnston, Josh Lefkowitz, Matthew Freeman, David Foley – these playwrights will be produced for years to come, and they all got their start with works produced by Access Theater.
The stage of the Black Box is 28' wide x 20' deep. There is an alcove in the center back of the stage that extends an additional 8 feet upstage. It seats 60 audience members. There are 50 permanent seats and a stage level row for an additional 10 folding chairs, provided by Access.
The space is an exclusive-use space, meaning that the renter is the sole occupant of the space during their rental period. A Black Box rental includes the use of the lobby for holding the audience during the times of their performances. The Black Box comes with the use of our lighting inventory (approx. 16-20 instruments, 16 channel 2 preset manual crossfade), and sound system, a back stage dressing room, and a back stage bathroom.
The Gallery
The gallery  is a 38' x 56' open loft with the original virgin maple floors. It is painted white. It seats 60 audience members in folding chairs on risers facing west towards Broadway.
The space is an exclusive-use space during the occupant's rental period. The Gallery does not include the use of the lobby, except for purposes of the audience's use of the bathroom in the lobby. There is a dressing room/storage area in the southeast corner of the Gallery, but no additional storage or holding area. This rental includes the use of eight window covers to cover the floor-to-ceiling windows in the space, 7 fresnel lighting instruments, a dimmer board (8 channel, 2 preset manual cross fade), 2 dimmer packs, 2 floor speakers, a sound mixer, a CD player, and (6) 4x8 freestanding canvas flats for your use. There are also four rows of track lighting, each with its own dimmer, for use as "fill" light for the performances. The eight track lights that are attached to the tracks are moveable and adjustable.There are significant electrical and technical limitations to The Gallery; all electricity is serviced through three 15 amp outlets in the northeast corner of the space. Absolutely nothing may be hung from the ceiling, attached to the walls, or screwed into the floors.

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380 Broadway New York, NY, 10013

Website: Access Theater  Access Thetre is one of New York`s premier producers of new works and of innovative voices in the Off-Off Broadway scene.

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