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Utica First Insurance Company

The Utica First Insurance Company, located near Utica, NY, is a regional property and casualty insurance carrier specializing in homeowners and small business risks in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.Utica First is a profitable regional insurance company specializing in unique commercial and personal lines products delivered with extraordinary service.
Address: Oriskany, NY, 13424    
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Website: Utica First Insurance Company
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Personal, Commercial Insurance in NY
The Northeast's Niche Professionals

Utica First Insurance Company, headquartered in Oriskany, New York has reached a milestone in its long history of service. During 2003, Utica First observed its 100th year of providing quality insurance protection and service, while maintaining a century-long commitment to community involvement.
The company was founded on November 18, 1903 when a charter was granted to the Utica Fire Insurance Company of Oneida County, New York to operate as a New York State Advance Premium Co-operative insurance company. This was the result of the efforts of an active group of Utica businessmen who wanted to start an insurance company that would provide coverage at lower rates combined with prompt service to the local community.Today, under the leadership of Richard J. Zick, President and Chief Executive Officer, Utica First continues to play a leading role in the insurance industry.
The company now offers its specialized niche products in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
The 100-year success of Utica First could not have been achieved without its network of independent insurance agents. Presently, over 350 agents represent Utica First. The independent agent continues to be one of the most important aspects of the company’s commitment to customer service.
Throughout its 100 years in business, Utica First has remained on the cutting edge of technology. The company has always been at the forefront of technological advances, and that has translated into further efficiencies and improved service for customers.Utica First has enjoyed a century of community involvement and remains very active in a variety of charitable causes. Its employees are involved on an
individual basis in their local towns and villages, while the company as a whole shares that spirit of community throughout central New York. One of the major events that Utica First has remained strongly committed to is America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk, which is presented annually to benefit the American Heart Association. From cultural events to education, Utica First continues to take an active role in a number of worthy endeavors in the community each year.
Insurance Products
Personal Lines
Utica First has been insuring homes and personal belongings of customers in the Northeast for over 100 years. Our policy types cover a wide range of home types and coverage options to suit almost any type of customer.
Standard Homeowners Policy (for Homes built before 1960)
Special Homeowners Policy (for Homes built after 1960)
Elite Homeowners Policy (for high valued Homes under 20 years old)
Mobile Homeowners Policy
Dwelling Fire Policy
Landlords Package Policy (for non-owner occupied 1-4 family homes)
Commercial Lines
Utica First is an industry leader in providing unique, cost effective commercial insurance products for small and medium sized businesses. The foundation of many of our 'niche' products is the Utica First Businessowners Policy (BOP). It provides a bundled 'package' of the most needed insurance coverages (Property, Liability, Loss of Income, Systems Breakdown, and many others) in one policy that can suit the needs of thousands of smaller businesses. Dozens of business classifications are eligible. In addition, Utica First had developed a number of special 'niche' programs to satisfy the specific needs of certain businesses, such as:
Antiques and Collectibles
Automobile Service Stations
Convenience Store Program
Food Service Risks (Restaurants, Taverns)
Artisan Package Policy
For larger or more complex risks, Utica First offers a Commercial Package Policy (CPP), which allows great flexibility and customization of coverage.

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Address and Phone Number
5981 Airport Road Oriskany, NY, 13424

Website: Utica First Insurance Company  The Utica First Insurance Company, located near Utica, NY, is a regional property and casualty insurance carrier.

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