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Brownstone Agency, Inc.

The Brownstone Agency, Inc. has been providing quality and affordable coverage throughout the residential real estate industry since 1973. Our clients are part of our family and we will assist them with utmost service and professionalism so they can rest at night without any concerns of protecting their investment.
Address: New York, NY, 10005    
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Website: Brownstone Agency, Inc.
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Brownstone Agency, Inc.
Without sound insurance protection, fire, lighting, hail, explosion, and damage suits could put restored brownstones on the "endangered species list." Most homeowners and landlords realize that a poor insurance program is a form of neglect. But in the past, they've had to juggle a number of policies in an attempt to get the kind of protection they need as an owner of distinctive buildings.
The Brownstone Agency, Inc. can offer you just the right combination of coverage at a competitive price. We call it our Brownstone Package Policy - property and liability coverage in a single policy that no building homeowner, landlord, partnership or corporation will want to be without. Our Brownstone Package Policy attempts to provide tailor made coverage to help meet the needs of our insured.     
Your home is eligible for this insurance package if it is a Brownstone, Row House, Condominium, Cooperative or Multi-Family dwelling owner or non-owner occupied that was built of masonry construction in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens.
The premium for a Brownstone Package Policy is lower than what you may think. But even with our competitive three-year policy rates we realize that the cost of everything today (including the maintenance of a brownstone) could leave you short of cash at a premium time. So we will gladly arrange a yearly or quarterly payment plan through a premium finance company. Even then, you will find that with the finance charge, your cost is still most advantageous.     
The Brownstone Agency, Inc. was the innovator in providing unique expanded coverage to brownstone owners. The agency was formed by brownstone owners over 30 years ago.
The Brownstone Package Policy in underwritten with Everest National Insurance Company - Rated A+ by A.M. Best Insurance Rating Service. Everest National Insurance Company can provide the financial stability and strength that should not be ignored when protecting your investment.

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32 Old Slip, 8th Floor New York, NY, 10005

Website: Brownstone Agency, Inc.  Our clients are part of our family


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