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John Ray & Associates

We are an experienced, well-know firm, fully staffed with well-trained attorneys and assistants to respond to you quickly at any time. John Ray & Associates litigate personal injury actions in state and federal court. We are result-oriented. Our clients range from private individuals to major entities.
Address: Miller Place, NY, 11764    
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Website: John Ray & Associates
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John Ray & Associates
We provide you with timely legal services in the areas of:
Personal injury
Personal injury cases are a significant area of practice for the firm. Typically the firm litigates auto accidents, injuries caused by defective products, school-related injures, slip-and-fall cases and all other types of personal injury actions as well as deliberate acts which injure others. Significant recoveries have been obtained in a broad variety of cases. The firm is committed to your cause in personal injury cases.
The firm ardently defends those accused of criminal offenses including all major felonies, misdemeanors, and violations including DWIs. The firm works in federal and state courts, and in Family court for children who are accused of offenses.
Matrimonial and Family Matters
The firm has a strong practice in this area. It provides counsel for divorce and separation, and in all Family court matters, including custody, visitation, support, abuse and neglect, orders of protection, juvenile delinquency, PINS petitions and adoptions.
Estate Probate and Wills
The firm has a substantial practice in contested and uncontested probate proceedings. It prepares Wills and Trusts, and counsels as to all aspects of estate planning, guardianships and accountings. It represents small, moderate and large estates.
Extensive litigation in all aspects of this area is creatively pursued by the firm: civil rights violations, sex discrimination, employment discrimination, racial discrimination, due process violations, privacy invasions, false arrest, defamation, freedom of the press, and other related areas.
Employment Matters
Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant
Services are expeditiously provided in all real estate transactions and landlord/tenant matters, including purchase and sale of property, lease drafting, evictions, breach of warranty, subdivision of land, easements, zoning matters, and liens.
Education Law
Commercial Law
All Trials

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Address and Phone Number
122 North Country Road Miller Place, NY, 11764

Website: John Ray & Associates  We look forward to seeing you when you need us


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