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Probst Investigations

 Our company has been in business for over thirty years. We specialize in Pre-Trial Case Preparations, Accident Reconstructions, Statements and Undercover Surveillances - All work is done by trained, seasoned investigators. Our Staff has over 60 years of individual, combined experience. All work is either conducted by, or supervised and reviewed by, attorneys.
Address: Albany, NY, 12211    
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Website: Probst Investigations
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Probst Investigations
  Serving the investigative needs of Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Employers, Banks and the General Public. Our services include:  
  Claims Investigations: All phases of claims investigations handled, including auto liability, general liability, products liability, no-fault claims, malpractice, bonding, burglary, fire, auto theft, life insurance (contestable and accidental) and health insurance (individual and group). We are licensed inland marine adjusters and have licensed adjusters on staff.  
  Trial Preparation: Court appearances by investigators when needed. Locating and determining the availability of witnesses and interested parties, including travel arrangements. We can also provide expert witnesses for plaintiff or rebuttal testimony.   
  Activities Checks: This service is invaluable to insurance companies, especially when disability claims are contested and Workers’ Compensation claims are questioned. All work is documented photographically and discreetly.   
  Background Checks: An essential service to insurance carriers and attorneys in establishing medical and personal history. Important to prospective employers and for clearance in sensitive security jobs and for pre-employment evaluation.   
  Surveillance: Around-the-clock surveillance available on all types of investigations, with videotaping, if requested, at no additional hourly charge.   
  Accident Investigations: Factual witness statements, professional photographs with distance overlays and detailed diagrams.   
  Locates: We can locate witnesses, beneficiaries or other interested parties. Missing persons located. Skip tracing.   
  Handwriting Analysis: The basic theory of handwriting analysis is that the natural and subconscious handwriting characteristics developed by an individual are products of the movement of the hand, as correlated by the mental process, which directs the writing. These two influences result in an infinite number of combinations of individual writing habits. Each combination represents some of the numerous psychological and physiological factors peculiar to the individual writer. There may be superficial and pictorial resemblances in the writing of two persons due to such influences as childhood training and similar style, the use of particular letter formations and other factors. There can also be differences in the penmanship style of a specific individual from time to time due to such factors as a change in writing position; condition; and the effects of illness, fatigue, or the aging process. There are also differences in individual style, when a person is writing in a hurry, as opposed to taking their time and being more precise. There is also the possibility of deliberately assumed disguise and forgeries. However, detailed and expert analysis will, as a rule, reveal the hidden, automatic and internally individual characteristics on which the document examiner can base his conclusion.

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352 Loudon Rd Albany, NY, 12211

Website: Probst Investigations  offers investigation, detective agency, and private investigation services and records searches.

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