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My Brothers Keeper

My Brothers Keeper is a daycare committed to providing children with a safe and educational early childhood experience. Our daily programs are well thought out and emphasize development in areas of physical, social, and cognitive development. In addition to traditional daycare programs our program incorporates Music & Movement and Gardening.
Address: Buffalo, NY, 14215    
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Website: My Brothers Keeper
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My Brothers Keeper
After school children enjoy the opportunity to participate. in African dance and drums at the African Culture Center. Children under the age of 6 can participate in Music & Movement at the daycare.
Local musicians assist with the program. It is our vision, that with continued support from the community and the parents, this program will be supernaturally enriching to the lives of the children and parents that we serve.
At My Brothers Keeper outdoor play and socialization areas are highly regarded. And very easily accommodate up to 20 children with power wheels, tricycles, balls etc. At times parents and other family members are invited to share with their children part of their daycare experience. Our outdoor social areas can accommodate 100+ guests. Which allow for great picnics for parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents. At least once a year we will enjoy Parent and Grandparents day. Full of great food, live music, and lots of fun filled activities for the children.
Another way we socialize is by taking field trips to the theater, the zoo and the farm.
Gardening is another important aspect of My Brothers Keeper Daycare. This is a big part of our programming because it satisfies development in multiple areas of development.
Planning of the gardens begin as early as February. Blueprints are made. Seeds are purchased and planted. Children watch the seeds grow into plants.  
The beginning of spring is when plants are transplanted outside. And we wait for the fruits of our labor. Vegetables and wildflowers are the main crops.  
Appreciation of the "simple things", in life are emphasized at this daycare. Things that money can·t buy. Such as the smile and joy that it brings to hold up a tomato or watermelon, from a tiny seed that was planted months ago. Or the fellowship and friendships formed when working as a group to achieve a common goal.

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279 Stevens Av Buffalo, NY, 14215

Website: My Brothers Keeper  Loving and educational early childhood experience


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