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Children`s Corner Nursery School

Since being founded in 1973 Children's Corner has grown from one center to multiple child care centers, providing quality, affordable childcare for working parents. Supervision, care and education are provided by carefully selected staff members. Children's Corner Nursery School is open to all children, regardless of race, creed or ethnic origin.
Address: Middletown, NY, 10940    
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Website: Children`s Corner Nursery Scho
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Children`s Corner Nursery School
Our Center is managed by Center Management Associates. The children are divided in groups according to developmental age, ranging from 6 weeks through 4 years old. The Preschool program concentrates on fostering initiative, creativity and thinking skills through a program of activities that will enhance the children's abilities to communicate, solve problems, practice interpersonal social skills, and imagine experiences for themselves with self-confidence. We are open from 7:00 am to 6:00/7:00 pm Monday through Friday and offer full, part-time and backup childcare.
Toddler Group (Two-Year-Olds):
Our primary concern in this age group is to make our little ones feel secure, important, loved, and happy in a group situation.  We believe this is achieved by a shared, cooperative play space program under the direct supervision of qualified care givers:
Unit Areas
Language Development
Life Awareness
Exercise, Small and Large Muscle Development
Music and Dance
Story Time
Free Play
Creative Play
Three-Year-Old Group:
Our children are becoming more verbal and autonomous, and the value of group play comes into clear focus:
Unit Areas
Circle Time, Socialization Readiness
Academic Enrichment, Reading Readiness, Number Concepts, Pre-Writing Skills
Music and Rhymes
Movement in Dance and Exercise
Small Muscle Play (Puzzles, Books)
Large Muscle Play
Arts and Crafts
Story Time
Creative and Dramatic Play
Four-year-old Group (Pre-Kindergarten):
Our Four-year-olds have integrated the desire of individuality (two-year-olds), the interest in socialization (three-year-olds), the increased interest and control of the four-year-olds, and have become well-rounded little people, on their way to conquer the world.
Each classroom is headed by a teacher who has specialized in early childhood education and has experience with the appropriate age group.
We offer an open-door policy, allowing access and interaction with your child at your convenience.

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Address and Phone Number
201 Dolson Avenue (Rt 17M) Middletown, NY, 10940

Website: Children`s Corner Nursery Scho  Supervision, care and education


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