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Island Kids

Island Kids, inc. is a non-profit organization on Roosevelt Island and has been active since early 1993. In our classes, the children will learn skills that are important in their day-by-day activities. We believe we can help your child to improve their social, motor, communication and behavior skills.
Address: New York, NY, 10044    
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Website: Island Kids
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Island Kids
Our main goal is to create a community through offering classes that provide a place for your children to meet friends, and for parents to make contact with other parents. Our instructors provide an educational environment where their minds will blossom.
We offer sessions for children from newborns to 4 years old during the day and sessions for older children and adults after school and evenings.
Island kids is a place where your child can have fun with other children of the same age, and form friends for life. Here, mothers, fathers and instructors can also get to know their neighbors and become friends.
Messy Michelangelos is a class designed for young children where the combination of music, storytelling, art, and play awakens their creative expressions. Children are encouraged to freely explore and experiment with the basic, most familiar, and easiest tools such as crayons, chalk, markers, Play-Doh, and paints. The main focus is the process of creating and discovering how things feel and work, not how the finished project should look like. This class is a great opportunity to watch young artists in the making. Come to class Dressed For Mess!
A class that offers a chance for your child to explore the world of music in a fun, supportive environment.
James Humphrey leads the class in a mixture of traditional children's songs, Broadway melodies and popular classics, while playing the guitar, piano, harmonica, and various other instruments.
Your child (and their parents/caregiver) will actively participate through singing, moving, listening and playing along in a variety of rhythms and tempos. Percussion instruments your child will play include:
Other musical interludes add to the excitement, including:
Animal puppets
Bouncing balls
Your children will enjoy making live music and interacting with other children in a lively group setting. Come play with us!

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Address and Phone Number
536 Main Street New York, NY, 10044

Website: Island Kids  We are committed to give our best


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