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Pre-School Playhouse/Funland

Pre-School Playhouse/Funland is the first, private, fully accredited/registered nursery school and kindergarten in Rockland County. We are experts with young children and our staff is mature and experienced. The children are introduced to many daily adventures in music, numbers, letters and social skills.
Address: Blauvelt, NY, 10913    
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Website: Pre-School Playhouse/Funland
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Pre-School Playhouse/Funland
Our Toddler Class is a new step for children, a step forward into a larger world beyond home and family. Toddlers will learn to develop independence skills, language and cognitive skills, motor and social skills as well as assistance with toilet training. Toddlers are encouraged to learn, grow and discover at their own pace. First and foremost, they will be having fun in a safe and caring environment. Of course, parents are always welcome to visit.
We have been serving the Rockland and Bergen communities for over 50 years. As soon as you enter our doors you feel the bright and safe environment in which your children will flourish. It's a place where kids feel secure, where play is a priority and yet balanced with developing social and school skills.
We are open from 7am thru 6pm - 52 weeks per year. Classes are divided by age groups. All class sizes are small and each headed by licensed teachers. Parents are always welcome to visit.
We have daily and weekly fun themes using letters of the week, songs and games.
We set the standard for early childhood education in Rockland and Bergen counties and have done so for 50 years. We remain modern and innovative.
Each classroom is a model of positive behavior and developmental learning
An emphasis on exploration and imagination
Child centered readiness areas
Developmental curriculum which is age appropriate
Sensitive to children`s varying abilities and learning styles
Hands on skill building
Half, full and extended day programs
Safe and secure environment
First Grade Success often depends on a great Kindergarten experience.
Is a private kindergarten worth it? YES for the following reasons:
Hand picked, dynamic, experienced teachers
Small class size
Interactive hands on programs in reading, math, science, social studies, art and music
Small and large motor skill training
Development enriched curriculum
Flexible hours to meet modern family needs
December 1st children who miss the cut-off date are eligible for first grade admission
Special focus on personal and social development for a self-confident child.

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Address and Phone Number
557 Western Highway Blauvelt, NY, 10913

Website: Pre-School Playhouse/Funland  Our readiness program teaches reading, math, science, music and social skills in a natural and developmental manner


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