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Little Red School House

LREI is a preK-12th grade independent school in Greenwich Village, NYC. Our progressive program challenges students at all grade levels to develop academically, intellectually and socially. Whether it is learning specific subject area skills or putting those skills to use in a long-term integrated project, students demonstrate what they have learned in real and relevant ways.
Address: New York, NY, 10014    
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Website: Elisabeth Irwin High School
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Little Red School House
Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School
Children are asked to think deeply, to investigate from a variety of perspectives, to collaborate with peers and to communicate learning and understanding in authentic ways. 
An essential component of an LREI education
is developing an understanding of, and an appreciation and respect for, the diversity of the world around us. We believe that equal to learning about those human attributes that are shared by the peoples of the world is understanding and embracing those characteristics of peoples and cultures that set us apart. A third component of progressive education at LREI is combining the academic skills and knowledge that one is developing with an appreciation and respect for, and responsibility to, the world. This combination leads to the need for involvement in conversations and actions that allow us to have a positive impact on the world around us. Students at LREI are actively involved in service learning, discussions of current events, and curricular studies that not only further academic goals but also create opportunities to think critically about social justice and the many communities of which we are all a part.  
Who We Are - Mission Statement
Our goal is to educate students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners and to pursue academic excellence and individual achievement, in a context of respect for others and service to the community.
We believe that learning should be active and experiential, with the school providing abundant opportunities for students to excel. We accept students with a range of abilities and talents who can take full advantage of a rich and demanding academic program in which each student is both challenged and supported.
We seek to create within the school a community built on understanding and respecting others. Thus, our student body traditionally reflects the racial and cultural diversity of our city, and our curriculum is built on inter-disciplinary studies to promote understanding of many cultures. While individual achievement is encouraged and rewarded, our program underscores the value of shared goals, friendship and cooperation in mastering difficult tasks.
The progressive ideals that in 1921 gave life and inspiration to the school - academic excellence and creativity, active learning and innovative teaching, respect for the individual and responsibility to the community-continue to guide the school today.

Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School enrolls students who are bright, curious, motivated and show strong academic and personal promise. The successful student embraces our progressive curriculum and thrives on the connections made between experiential learning and the world. LREI prepares children to be independent thinkers and productive citizens. Our students gain a strong sense of self and citizenship, and our graduates continue on to become leaders in society.
High School
High school is probably the most memorable and exhilarating, not to mention demanding and daunting, stage of life. Students discover their voices, identify their passions and talents and formulate their purposes. A high school education is the departure point from which each young adult steps out into the world of higher education, professions, relationships and citizenship.
The high school curriculum is problem-based, inquiry driven and interdisciplinary. Coursework encompasses offerings in seven academic departments and six artistic genres. A less fragmented school day and longer class time blocks allow activities to reach natural conclusions. Students can commit more quality time and energy to their studies, obtain immediate feedback from their teachers and sustain a greater sense of momentum and purpose in their academic life. Classes stress field experiences, laboratory work and research projects.
Educating for democracy is a fundamental part of our core mission. We are proud to be one of the most diverse secondary schools in New York City. Community involvement, volunteer service and active citizenship are hallmarks of school life. Ultimately, each of our students is a unique individual, learner and moral agent. LREI seeks to provide students with opportunities to learn and demonstrate their knowledge in ways that reflect their uniqueness. Our philosophy places students in a position to lead fulfilling, productive and meaningful lives and to pursue their goals with confidence and enthusiasm.

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40 Charlton Street New York, NY, 10014

Website: Elisabeth Irwin High School  LREI is a preK-12th grade independent school in Greenwich Village, NYC.


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