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The Brearley School

Thank you for your interest in the Brearley School. A Brearley education encourages girls to take intellectual risks in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive. With the careful guidance of our experienced teachers, students discover their individual passions while learning to value multiple perspectives and to work with people who have diverse points of view.
Address: New York, NY, 10028    
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Website: The Brearley School
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The Brearley School
The Brearley School
Brearley girls are problem solvers: they learn to evaluate what they hear, read or see, and in doing so they take control of the foundation of their learning, becoming both self-confident and competent.
Balancing their unparalleled academic education with travel study, community service, a wide range of opportunities in the visual and performing arts, an extensive
athletics program and an ever-expanding selection of student-run clubs and committees, our students also develop a strong sense of personal integrity; they take seriously their responsibility to engage with the world in productive and principled ways.
Brearley alumnae can point to their record of success at their chosen colleges and beyond as testimony to the quality of the preparation a Brearley education provides. More importantly, our graduates' support of the School attests to their appreciation for the Brearley experience: the joy of learning together and the bonds of friendship that they form with their classmates and, eventually, with their teachers keep our alumnae closely connected to the School and deeply committed to its continued excellence.
Academic Life
A broad liberal arts curriculum prepares students for lives rich in meaning, achievement and continual learning. During their time at Brearley, students develop the habits of mind and the passionate ideals necessary for informed, principled engagement in their communities and the wider world.
A zest for learning
At Brearley, students experience the joy of an academic culture that takes girls and ideas seriously. Classrooms, laboratories, and studios brim with vigor and purpose as students strive for discoveries and reach for new insights.
Critical, creative thinking
In all grades and in every subject, students are challenged to listen carefully, examine issues from a variety of perspectives, and solve problems using multiple approaches.
A dedicated faculty
With a low student-teacher ratio and frequent small group interactions, Brearley teachers can be fully attentive to each student’s aspirations, learning style, and pace of development.
The gift of high expectations
By asking much, and by serving as role models of commitment and achievement, Brearley teachers inspire students to stretch beyond their perceived limits and to internalize the connections between good work habits and success.
College Advising
The college search and application process is an opportunity for students to exercise their decision-making skills  and independence. Brearley offers a comprehensive college advising program that builds upon the personal and academic advising given in earlier years and that begins formally in the fall of Class XI. The students meet in seminars with the College Advisor throughout Class XI and through the fall of the senior year.
The College Advisor is available as counselor and editor as the students complete their applications, and she remains a source of information and guidance until a student has made the decision about which college she will attend. While the primary relationship is forged with the student, the College Advisor serves as a resource for parents as they, too, navigate the college application process. Our students’ college choices reflect the strength of their academic preparation and the self-knowledge that are the culmination of their Brearley experience.

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Address and Phone Number
610 East 83rd Street New York, NY, 10028

Website: The Brearley School  A Brearley education encourages girls to take intellectual risks in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive.

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