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Corlears School

The commitment of Corlears’ faculty and parents to provide students with the opportunity to explore, to question and to take their learning beyond the classroom has always been the heart and soul of the school. That commitment continues today along with a renewed understanding of dynamic approaches to literacy development and mathematical thinking.
Address: New York, NY, 10011    
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Corlears School
Corlears School
The Story of Corlears
Corlears School came to life in the spring of 1968 when a group of teachers and parents, along with Head of the Nursery, Irene Neurath, left the Downtown Community School in search of a more collaborative educational environment. Though their journeys began individually they came together when the parents prevailed upon the nursery staff to start another school. Together they set out to find a space for a new school where people would be able to work together with a creative spirit in support of their children.
Throughout the years it has also been understood that this type of education should be available to anyone who truly desires it. A political commitment to keep the community diverse in terms of economics, gender, race, religion and sexual identity continues to this day.
Though unique in many ways, Corlears is now firmly established among the Independent Schools of New York City while still maintaining the pioneer spirit of parents and educators working together to provide a rich educational foundation for all students.
Corlears is a progressive school dedicated to the education of young children through the early elementary grades. We seek to cultivate joy in learning through active investigation of core curricular themes.
We are committed to the stimulation of intellectual curiosity. We value creative problem solving and support the growth of socially aware students within a diverse, intimate and involved community.
Thya Merz, Head of School :
“We recognize that children entering Corlears as two, three and four year olds are often engaging in their first independent group experience. Our students become increasingly adept at navigating their new social circle. They learn how to make play choices, to invite other children into their play and to respect their friends’ ideas. At the same time they are becoming more aware of their individual preferences and how to communicate when they wish to play alone, to seek help with a new and unfamiliar activity or to ask to be included in the play of others.
As our students mature and enter the grades they learn to apply their complex play skills to their intellectual inquiries. They learn to tell their own stories and listen to one another’s stories. They share problem solving strategies in math, project design, scientific inquiry and social studies research. As in the younger years, we are interested in helping students recognize and build upon their cognitive and artistic strengths in both individual pursuits and group endeavors.
Student learning at Corlears is based on experience rather than textbooks, which means that it can look unfamiliar to parents and visitors. We are interested in engaging parents as active partners in their child’s education and seek to give them multiple opportunities to participate in the life of the school. Through individual meetings, school wide seminars, parent/teacher conferences, and classroom and school newsletters, we invite our parents to become aware of and support their children’s growing intellectual independence and social sophistication.“

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324 West 15th Street New York, NY, 10011

Website: Corlears School  The commitment of Corlears` faculty and parents to provide students with the opportunity to explore, to question .

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