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German-American School

German-American School is a private, not-for-profit German language school. It has no religious or political affiliation. The focus of today’s German-American School is to teach the German language to children from all backgrounds - our school attracts education-oriented parents who believe that studying a second or third foreign language can only benefit their child.
Address: Ridgewood, NY, 11385    
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Website: German-American School
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German-American School
German-American School
German-American School today:
The German-language program prepares the students for the Three-Year Comprehensive Regents exam (NY). But for those students who want to continue with the language program until they enter College we can offer German language and conversation classes to prepare them for the following exams:
- Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache
- Sprachdiplom I
- AATG Level 2 or 3 exams
Our Classes and Curriculum for Children
Currently 320 students ages 4-15 attend our program. We have a staff of 21 experienced teachers, many of whom have been with us for many years. No previous German language knowledge is required to enter our language program.
Playgroup: ages 4-5. basic alphabet. Alphabet song. Drawing, crafts. Emphasis is on sound production. Varying activities. Singing.
Kindergarten: ages 5-6. continuation of above. Plus: learning more basic words/phrases.
Vorschule I, Vorschule II:   for children ages 6-7 l/2 or 8. No background in German is necessary. Much play learning, coloring, drawing, singing. Children should know how to print. Homework is assigned.
1st grade: Children learn to read, speak, and write in German. Basic conjugation - play learning. Stresses repetitive learning.
2nd grade: continuation of lst grade. Stresses everyday conversations and vocabulary acquisition. Basic grammar (such as conjugation, irregular verbs, etc).
3rd grade: continuation of 2nd grade. Stresses all four skills. More memorization, dictations, and, of course, songs. Lots of group work with dialogues. Skits.
4th grade: stress all four skills. Plus: begin paragraph writing. Retelling of stories. German culture will be discussed in English. At this point the children are usually l0 or ll years old and we begin with the formal introduction of grammar such as a frequently used past tense (for example).
5th grade: Continuation of 4th grade. More grammar. Also: paragraph writing is expanded to short compositions. Retelling of short stories. Memorization of skits and dialogues.
6th grade: Continuation of 5th: Plus: Longer compositions, geography, texts on German culture in German, and short stories and texts to be read and then retold.
7th grade: ore reading, more conversations in groups, more reports, and, in general more advanced work than in the 6th grade.
8th grade: Review of grammar. Readings from German literature and general culture. Preparation for the NY State 3-Year Comprehensive Regents Exam.
Adult Program
The main focus of German-American School is to offer German language lessons for children. But we also have German lessons for adults in two districts: Ridgewood, Queens, and in New York City (upper East Side, in the 70s).
Adult German language classes meet for 30 hours (l5 sessions, 2 hours each).

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Address and Phone Number
70-01 Freshpond Road Ridgewood, NY, 11385

Website: German-American School  German-American School is a private, not-for-profit German language school.

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