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Lefferts Gardens Montessori School

A young child's mind is like a garden in spring-time: full of seedlings and the promise of wonderful things to come. Our mission at the Lefferts Gardens Montessori School is to nurture the blossoming of your child. When the garden's soil is enriched with nutrients, when it is cultivated, the seedlings thrive and grow into vigorous plants.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11225    
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Website: Lefferts Gardens School
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Lefferts Gardens  Montessori School
L'efferts Gardens Montessori School
Our multi-ethnic school is dedicated to the philosophy and methods that evolved with Dr. Maria Montessori's experiences of learning that began in 1907 in her original Casa dei Bambini.
Our program is a child-centered approach that helps build self-esteem and develop the whole child.
Our community of children, comprised of mixed ages from 2-6 years, is guided by respect as they work and play - respect for themselves, each other, and their environment.
Our classroom experiences emphasize our teacher's role as facilitators who do not overpower the imagination and desire for creative exploration in our children. Montessori-trained head teachers allow learning to move along natural pathways which embrace the students’ interests and natural curiosity in five broad fields of learning: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and cultural.
An array of beautiful, sequenced materials occupies the shelves around the classroom. These materials range over all areas of the Montessori curriculum. Children choose their work by listening to their inner guidance, a process fully supported by our teachers and integrated with the wishes and needs of the other children.
Upon graduation from LGM many of our children continue on to some of the best schools in Brooklyn:
Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn Heights Montessori and Brooklyn magnet schools.
L'efferts Gardens Montessori School welcomes students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and other school-administered programs.
From the perspective of Maria Montessori and those who have followed in her steps, each child is a whole child with an intellect, cognitive capacities, linguistics and social skills housed in a physical body and an unassailable spirit. A Montessori environment is prepared for the whole child and children are encouraged to make use of the whole environment.
The instinctive strides of a child's earliest years now, by the age of three, four, and five, give way to more deliberate efforts to make sense of and master their world. At LGM, children receive support to look inside for inspiration and to do things for themselves.
On a practical level, this requires a work ethic on the part of the teacher and the child. We help children learn to problem-solve so they can think for themselves, rather than give them answers. Though there are group and one-on-one presentations by our teachers, our teachers do not say, “Today I’m going to teach you.” They model an authentic engagement with life and learning through the class materials. Thus children learn the Montessori method of selecting an activity, settling down to work, respecting their companions as they work, focusing and completing the work at hand, and replacing the material when finished to complete the process.
From such a simple method, the whole child blossoms. Our modeling demonstrates a way of being. They develop habits of mind that naturally result in soundness of spirit and a trustworthy autonomy. From their freedom, they learn responsibility, self-respect, and acquire an innate self-discipline.
Out of this, children gain self-confidence and develop an appreciation of aesthetics. They move gracefully within their environment and relate to the world through a serenity and joyfulness that results in dignity, respect for others, and respect for the materials and their environment. These children wish to be respected, not as embryonic adults but as individuals who respect the liberties to which they are accustomed and deserving.
In our Montessori environment, children learn to love to focus and concentrate, work hard, seek knowledge, problem-solve, and live harmoniously.

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559 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11225

Website: Lefferts Gardens School  Our mission at the Lefferts Gardens Montessori School is to nurture the blossoming of your child.

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