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Harlem Children`s Zone

Called "one of the most ambitious social-service experiments of our time," by The New York Times, the Harlem Children's Zone Project is a unique approach to rebuilding community so that children can stay on track through college and go on to the job market. The organization began 1970 as Rheedlen, working with young children as the city's first truancy-prevention program.
Address: New York, NY, 10035    
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Website: Harlem Children
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Harlem Children`s Zone
Harlem Children`s Zone
Harlem Children's Zone, Inc. has experienced incredible growth - from the number of children we serve to the breadth of our services. But one thing has stayed the same: the agency's "whatever it takes" attitude when it comes to helping children to succeed.
Over the years, the agency introduced several ground-breaking efforts: in 2000, The Baby College parenting workshops; in 2001, the Harlem Gems pre-school program; also in 2001, the HCZ Asthma Initiative, which teaches families to better manage the disease; in 2004, the Promise Academy, a high-quality public charter school; and in 2006, an obesity program to help children stay healthy.
Under the visionary leadership of its President and CEO, Geoffrey Canada, HCZ continues to offer innovative, efficiently run programs that are aimed at doing nothing less than breaking the cycle of generational poverty for the thousands of children and families it serves.
All HCZ programs are offered free to the children and families of Harlem, which is made possible by donations from people like yourself.
The Harlem Children's Zone Project
The goal is to create a "tipping point" in the neighborhood so that children are surrounded by an enriching environment of college-oriented peers and supportive adults, a counterweight to "the street" and a toxic popular culture that glorifies misogyny and anti-social behavior.
In January 2007, the Children's Zone® launched its Phase 3, expanding its comprehensive system of programs to nearly 100 blocks of Central Harlem.
The HCZ pipeline begins with The Baby College®, a series of workshops for parents of children ages 0-3. The pipeline goes on to include best-practice programs for children of every age through college. The network  includes in-school, after-school, social-service, health and community-building programs.
For children to do well, their families have to do well. And for families, to do well, their community must do well. That is why HCZ works to strengthen families as well as empowering them to have a positive impact on their children's development.
HCZ also works to reweave the social fabric of Harlem, which has been torn apart by crime, drugs and decades of poverty.
The two fundamental principles of The Zone Project are to help kids as early in their lives as possible and to create a critical mass of adults around them who understand what it takes to help children succeed.
Early Childhood Programs
Harlem Gems®

Harlem Gems is an all-day pre-kindergarten program that gets children ready to enter kindergarten. Classes have a 4:1 child-to-adult ratio, teach English, Spanish and French, and run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. HCZ runs three pre-kindergarten sites, serving over 250 children.
Elementary School Programs
Harlem Peacemakers

Harlem Peacemakers, funded in part by AmeriCorps, trains young people who are committed to making their neighborhoods safe for children and families. The agency has Peacemakers working as teaching assistants in seven public schools and the HCZ Promise Academy Charter School.
Middle School Programs
TRUCE Fitness and Nutrition Center
TRUCE Fitness and Nutrition Center offers free classes to children in karate, fitness and dance. Participants also learn about health and nutrition, as well as receiving regular academic assistance. The program is focused on developing middle school youth, grades 5-8.

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Address and Phone Number
35 East 125th Street New York, NY, 10035

Website: Harlem Children  Called "one of the most ambitious social-service experiments of our time," the Harlem Children`s Zone is a unique approach to rebuilding community.


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