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The American Montessori Society

The American Montessori Society was founded and supported in 1960 at Whitby School in Greenwich, Connecticut, under the direction of Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch, appointed representative of the Association Montessori Internationale. The incorporation declared AMS a nonprofit, non-sectarian association of teachers, parent study groups, and schools, with a mission to promote the principles and practices of Maria Montessori.
Address: New York, NY, 10010    
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Website: The American MontessoriSociety
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The American Montessori Society
The American Montessori Society
Mission Statement:
AMS provides the leadership and inspiration to make Montessori a significant voice in education.  The Society advocates quality Montessori education, strengthens members through its services, and champions Montessori principles to the greater community.
AMS Philosophy & Practice:
The American Montessori Society desires to define Montessori education as it is practiced in AMS accredited schools, taught in AMS teacher education programs, and articulated in AMS sponsored publications, symposia and conferences.
The American Montessori Society is committed to promoting quality Montessori education for all children from birth to 18 years based on these key concepts:
- The aim of Montessori education is to foster competent, responsible, adaptive citizens who are lifelong learners and problem solvers.
- Learning occurs in an inquiring, cooperative, nurturing atmosphere. Students increase their own knowledge through self- and teacher-initiated experiences.
- Learning takes place through the senses. Students learn by manipulating materials and interacting with others. These meaningful experiences are precursors to the abstract understanding of ideas.
- The individual is considered as a whole. The physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive needs and interests are inseparable and equally important.
- Respect and caring attitudes for oneself, others, the environment, and all life are necessary.
The Montessori teacher is educated in these areas:
- Human growth and development.
- Observational skills to match students' developmental needs with materials and activities. This allows the teacher to guide students in creating their individual learning plan.
- An open-ended array of suggested learning materials and activities that empower teachers to design their own developmentally responsive, culturally relevant learning environment.
- Teaching strategies that support and facilitate the unique and total growth of each individual.
- Classroom leadership skills that foster a nurturing environment that is physically and psychologically supportive of learning.
A Montessori classroom must have these basic characteristics at all levels:
- Teachers educated in the Montessori philosophy and methodology appropriate to the age level they are teaching, who have the ability and dedication to put the key concepts into practice.
- A partnership with the family. The family is considered an integral part of the individual's total development.
- A multi-aged, multi-graded, heterogeneous group of students.
- A diverse set of Montessori materials, activities, and experiences, which are designed to foster physical, intellectual, creative and social independence.
- A schedule that allows large blocks of uninterrupted time to problem solve, to see the interdisciplinary connections of knowledge, and to create new ideas.
- A classroom atmosphere that encourages social interaction for cooperative learning, peer teaching, and emotional development.

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281 Park Avenue South New York, NY, 10010

Website: The American MontessoriSociety  The American Montessori Society was founded and supported in 1960 at Whitby School in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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