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Carst Consulting Services

We've been helping small businesses, home offices and home users solve computer problems since 1989. Whether you need assistance setting up and configuring your computer, network or peripherals, or cleaning a computer that's been contaminated by viruses, adware, pop-ups or spam, contact with us.
Address: New York, NY, 10032    
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Website: Carst Consulting Services
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Carst Consulting Services
We offer support for the:
Small business:  businesses that rely on several computers with a server and high speed hub to provide data and document connectivity.
Home office:  professionals who need a variety of software and programs in order to conduct their business and may require sharing the resources of two or three computers in their home workspace or sharing the internet connection/printer.
Home user:  individuals and families who use their computers for email, web surfing, games, and personal business.
Our basic services include:  (Click on highlighted text for more information)
Computer consultation, installation, support and troubleshooting
Installation and setup of peripheral devices from printers to firewalls
Software installation and upgrades
Backup support
Internet connections
Email support
PowerPoint presentations
Creating Web sites and Web assistance.  
Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting:
Computer maintenance -- performing certain tasks on a regular basis -- is essential to keep your computer running at its best.  If you have a computer that is misbehaving or has slowed down over time, you probably need computer service.
Computer maintenance should begin when you first set up your computer.  Computer setup involves configuring your workspace, plugging in and installing drivers for all peripheral devices, (printers, scanners, cameras, etc.), and installing any other purchased software.
Once your computer is up and running, you should keep track of the programs that are installed in order to optimize your computer's performance.
Our Routine Maintenance Tasks Include:
Backing up system and data files
Updating virus definitions
Running virus checker
Running scan disk
Checking for operating system updates
Checking for program updates
Archiving old/unused files
Deleting unwanted programs
Running disk defragmenter
Bench testing for performance and reliability

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Address and Phone Number
710 W 173rd St Suite B New York, NY, 10032

Website: Carst Consulting Services  Making computers work


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