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Terrence O`Neal Architect

Founded in 1993, Terrence O`Neal Architect LLC is a full-service firm that provides architecture, interior design, project management and planning services for public and private clients. We specializing in corporate interiors, large-scale multi-housing developments, healthcare facilities, schools and community centers.
Address: New York, NY, 10003    
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Website: Terrence O`Neal Architect
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Terrence O`Neal Architect
Terrence O`Neal Architect LLC (TONA) is large enough to design and coordinate multimillion dollar projects, yet it continues to offer intensely personalized attention that begins with listening to the client and becoming finely attuned to each project`s specific needs. A team of talent is then assembled under Mr. O`Neal`s direction. Through an open exploration of ideas, a step-by step, highly coordinated and carefully scheduled and budgeted plan is created. The end result suits the client`s requirements and desires, providing an environment that yields lasting and meaningful benefits to the people who inhabit it.
The firm has become a respected design outlet known for its uncompromising commitment to quality and individualized services. TONA has an extremely high proportion of repeat clients who issue larger and more complex projects over time.
TONA has created architecture in balance - realizing their clients` highest aspirations while respecting shared social responsibilities and building within available resources. It is architecture of civility, where each building is considered to be in a conversation with its users and surroundings, responding to their needs in a dialogue of sensitivity and respect. A civil architecture aims to house, protect, nurture, and ennoble this discourse of civilization.
Our firm approaches each project with sensitivity to client needs, project context, and other factors both tangible and intangible, that may affect it. While theoretical preferences may have an influence, the specificity of each potentiality has an even greater value to the overall design effort. This emanates from the firm`s philosophy that existing site and building contexts are to be respected.
The firm`s work has been noted in various architectural, trade and general interest publications. A recent major project, the renovation and expansion of the Mother Child Crisis Center of Covenant House, New York, was showcased for its creative reuse of space in "Going Public" at the opening of the American Institute of Architects` (AIA) new Center for Architecture (2003/4).

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853 Broadway New York, NY, 10003

Website: Terrence O`Neal Architect  Architecture as a service to humanity and community!

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