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Minuta Architecture

We take pride in our projects and relationships with clients; working to accomplish their goals, bring those goals to a higher level than thought possible and to establish an increased quality of life for the projects occupants and the community. Minuta Architecture will listen closely to your needs, solidify your goals and create a beautiful project.
Address: New Windsor, NY, 12553    
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Website: Minuta Architecture
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Minuta Architecture
Architectural design:
Good design is felt. It increases pride and value in a property. Money spent on a good design vs. the same money spent on a bad design can dramatically affect a property`s value. We have expertise in evaluating a project and understanding good design.
Interior design:
Our designers have the education, training and know-how to manage the details of your project in order to create healthy, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors designed to meet your needs.
As a professional design firm, we focus on the overall harmony of your space so that all your interiors reflect your good taste enhanced by our professional expertise.
Part of what makes us unique is that our Interior Designers are formally educated, degreed in Interior Design an New York State Registered allowing them to hold the title of Certified Interior Designer.
Construction Documents and Drafting:
This process affixes elements of your project for permitting and construction in the form of drawings specifications and other documentation. Plans are Signed and Sealed by a New York State Registered Architect (RA) as required by law. These plans meet or exceed the requirements of the New York State Building Code and other local municipal codes that may apply.
These plans are submitted to the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for their approval. Once a permit is received the project can commence.
Minuta Architecture offers AICP registered architects with more than 40 years of planning experience. Let us show you how our knowledge can enhance your community.
Bidding and Negotiation:
Bidding and Negotiation offers the means to put your project to bid. Having a registered architect assist you in this process will afford you the best local qualified contractor at the lowest cost. We also screen the contractors for insurance and other qualifications and requirements.

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Address and Phone Number
345 Windsor Highway, Suite #100 New Windsor, NY, 12553

Website: Minuta Architecture  Allow us to show you the benefits of our full-range professional architectural services


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