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Korzyk Electric

 When Korzyk Electric was founded in New York`s Capital Region by Joe Korzyk, it was founded with the goal of delivering stellar service at reasonable prices, family owned and operated, Korzyk Electric understands the meaning of owning a home and how home expenses can affect your life. Our goal is to meet your electrical needs without the associated pains and headaches.
Address: Albany, NY, 12203    
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Website: Korzyk Electric
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Korzyk Electric
 We`re your trusted Albany, New York and greater Capital Region electricians.  
 With over 20 years of experience, Korzyk Electric provides top notch electrical installations. Servicing both new and renovated residential wiring as well as commercial wiring, we provide everything you`ll need when it comes to getting electricity where you need it most. We treat all jobs the same, regardless of size. Our most important asset is our reputation, and we intend to preserve it!  
 Advanced Installations  
 In addition to standard commercial and residential wiring installations, we also provide advanced installations for high end audio, video, and CCTV equipment. Delicate equipment such as those mentioned many times require or would benefit from a more protective electrical infrastructure. This can be accomplished through such things as full home surge protection, power line conditioners and power backup utilities. Contact us for a custom estimate and professional analysis. Protect your high end investment with high end electrical service!  
 Korzyk Electric offers a variety of residential and commercial services, including advanced home theater installations. ?all or write to us and we`ll see if we can help! Give us a call and we`ll give you a per job estimate. We offer prices that won`t "shock" you!  
 New Wiring  
 Rewiring Homes  
 Panel Upgrades  
 Air Conditioners  
 Recessed Lighting  
 Holiday Lighting  
 Electric Heat  
 Electric Stove  
 Security Wiring  
 Surge Protection  
 Power Line Conditioners Outlets  
 Wiring Additions  
 General Wiring Repair  
 Home Automation  
 To this day, Korzyk Electric follows strict service guidelines to make sure that our customers stay happy and call us back for their future needs. We don`t consider any job average. Each installation presents us with different challenges and needs. The best way to get a time estimate is to have someone from Korzyk Electric come to your home or business.

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Address and Phone Number
205 Russell Road Albany, NY, 12203

Website: Korzyk Electric  provides electrician services for both residential and commercial properties.


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