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Associated Lightning Rod Company

 Welcome to the home of Associated Lightning Rod Company Inc - we are a family-owned business that designs and installs lightning protection and surge suppression for the Northeastern US - interested in protecting your home from the disastrous effects of lightning strikes? Let us install Lightning Protection in your home, and have peace of mind at last.
Address: Millerton, NY, 12546    
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Website: Associated Lightning Company
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Associated Lightning Rod Company
 The System  
 A Lightning Rod system must be installed by a qualified technician. The system is made up of the following components: Air Terminals - or "lightning rods" are placed on the high points of a structure such as ridges, dormers and chimneys. A lightning rod is designed to intercept the lightning. Conductors - are typically made of copper or aluminum and are designed to connect the lightning rods to the grounds. Grounds - are connected to the main conductors and are designed to safely discharge the current. Bonds - prevent side flashes between two metallic objects. This is the connection of metal objects to the main conductor. Lightning Arrestors - protect electronic devices from power surges. A surge is an increase in electrical current.  
 How it works  
 A thunderstorm will result when a cold and warm air mass clash. As the charges of positive and negative energy build up preceding a storm, the result is a discharge of negative energy sent rushing to the ground. The flash is then formed from the earth to the sky. As downward strokes rush toward the earth, positive strokes from edges of buildings, chimneys, and trees strain up to meet them.  
 A lightning rod system is designed to provide a path for the charge to follow. This will eliminate the chance of fire or explosion within a structure. The system will not prevent lightning from striking nor will it attract lightning. A lightning rod system is designed to provide a direct path to the ground for the electrical current to follow. It also prevents damage to the home as the current flows through the system.  
 This information collected from various sources.  
 Some people have heard the myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice, therefore they do not need lightning protection on their home. This is not true, and one of the many myths in circulation.
You are in danger of lightning if you hear thunder.  
 There are 100,000 thunderstorms every year in the United States.  
 Thunderstorms cause an average of 200 deaths and 700 injuries per year in the U.S.  
 Most strikes are 2 to 3 miles long and carry a current of 10,000 amps at 100 million volts.  
 A typical lightning bolt is about as wide as a quarter to a half dollar.  
 It is estimated that lightning strikes the earth approximately 100 times each second.(8 million times per day)  
 About 20 percent of people struck by lightning are killed.  
 Right now, there are more than 1800 thunderstorms in progress.  
 The Empire State Building in New York is struck about 23 times a year.

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Address and Phone Number
P.O. Box 529 / 6020 Route 22 Millerton, NY, 12546

Website: Associated Lightning Company  Installing Lightning Protection & Surge Suppression with over 50 years of experience.


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