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Underground Locating


Identifying and locating underground utilities, tanks, and foreign objects is essential to employing safe operating procedures. An accurate utility survey provides confidence and gives you peace of mind. For over 20 years, Utility Survey has been counted upon by our customers for reliability and integrity.

Address: Washingtonville, NY, 10992    
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Underground Locating

Although a utility markout, indicated by a color coding system using paint or flags, is standardized; the protocols for locating underground utilities differ from one underground utility survey provider to the next. We have more of the most advanced Ground Penetrating Radar and Electro-Magnetic R/F Technology than any provider in the region.Proper Calibration & Operation - Data interpretation is dependent on the data quality, Utility Survey follows strict redundancy rules for a thorough investigation.

Every site is different! Plotting scan paths and employing our tools requires skill and training. This is one business where the veterans have a huge advantage, we've simply seen more sites than most others. Guests Respectful, safety conscience technicians arrive when we say, get the job done efficiently and accurately. Minimizing risk and avoiding potential accidents with an underground utility locating survey is a requirement not an option.

When digging, one wrong move can compromise safety, endanger the site, and waste money, resources and manpower. At Utility Survey, our trained utility locating professionals have the expertise and years of experience to locate buried utilities, find underground tanks and determine the location of other hidden objects

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87 East Main Street Washingtonville, NY, 10992

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