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Accardi Electric Motor Company

 Founded, as a small family owned motor repair shop in 1946 serving various types of customers and industries, Accardi Electric Company struggled to adapt to the quickly advancing, vastly changing, commercial heating industry, as New York City`s needs went from coal to oil we grew to achieve a commanding position in the commercial and industrial fuel burning field through our hard work, expertise, and commitment and dedication to success.
Address: Glendale, NY, 11385    
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Website: Accardi Electric Motor Company
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Accardi Electric Motor Company
 Today more than a half century since our founding, The Accardi Companies represent some of the industry’s most recognizable and respected manufactures of multi fuel fired burners, boilers, hot water generators, controls and instrumentation systems and other specifically designed accessory products.  
 In our era of second generation we strive to bring the same level of commitment, dedication and expertise to each and every product we sell or project we complete.  
 No matter the level of success, we will never lose sight of our roots. We are still a family business.  One that constantly looks back remembers and believes strongly in our long history of traditional values.  
 Vision: Accardi Companies - Innovative Combustions Solutions  
 Our vision is and always has been to provide the finest, most innovative and cost effective solutions available in our industry today.  Solutions, which include products and technology that are both soundly tested and durably proven to last and out perform others.  
 With a sharp eye on the cutting edge we strive to find the perfect blend of sophistication and economic practicality.  Our goals are to remain one step ahead of the competitive curve and be forever sensitive to the changes, which impact both our clients and our industry.  
 Precision: Passion for Precision  
 Much of our reputation for precision is derived from our endless goal of providing performance tested completely integrated systems which over time have proven their value and reliability.  When it came tome for New York City to show the world their monument to Freedom at the site of the World Trade Center with the Eternal Flame, Accardi Companies were called upon to design and implement a solution to the gas transport and pressure to supply it.  
 These systems can be counted on to address and ultimately provide sound solutions to specific and troublesome problems.  Whether it’s providing elevated gas service pressure for HVAC equipment or generating high efficiency, high volume, steam or hot water for both commercial and industrial facilities, you can count on our products to be the best designed, best tested and best supported in the business.  We guaranty it !

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76-15 Myrtle Ave. Glendale, NY, 11385

Website: Accardi Electric Motor Company  Designing, Distributing and Manufacturing Innovative Combustion Solutions Since 1946


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