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The School of Mathematics

The school of mathematics cultivates a natural and stress-free environment where anyone can study, discuss, explore, and experience mathematics. No prior knowledge is assumed. Whether you are an avid student of mathematics or always shied away saying "mathematics is not for me", you are welcome. Our approach allows anyone to naively discover mathematics. All studies at the school are free of charge.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11217    
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Website: The School of Mathematics
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The School of Mathematics
     Each workshop series begins with a short background story which leads to a research question. This question can be understood by all participants, and trying to answer it reveals deep mathematical issues. In many cases, it is a question that had been studied by mathematicians before us. Without looking at any answers, we try to discover our own. We learn to develop our ideas, express them to others and work together. It may take us a few minutes and it may take more than a few hours. If we find an answer, we may look for additional answers. And we ask each other questions during our research which we then try, with the same methods, to answer.
     We are working our way through the book "Algebra", by I. Gelfand. This is an elementary text&emdash; it begins with addition and multiplication, and moves on to other school topics like functions and polynomials. Most of the learning happens in the exercises, and so the experience is really one of discovery.
     An introduction to our studies—the concept of area.
The Power of Mathematics. Three wonderful examples of problems with solutions that highlight the elegance of mathematics.

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1 Rockwell Place Brooklyn, NY, 11217

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