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Diller-Quaile School of Music

Diller-Quaile's mission is to teach music in a way that develops the innate musicality in each student and inspires participation for lifetime. Our faculty nurtures each student's ability to play and sing with knowledge and expression. We provide a foundation for a lifetime of involvement in music.
Address: New York, NY, 10128    
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Website: Diller-Quaile School of Music
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School of Music in NY
A Commitment to Music for All - Music for a Lifetime

The School's comprehensive and coordinated approach to lifelong music education is based on the following principles:
•    The capacity for understanding and creating music is in everyone;
•    Music provides a lifelong source of enjoyment, self-expression and opportunity for growth;
•    Musical expression is achieved through phrasing and tone, to which end musical understanding and technique are essential;
•    The student is best served when teaching is responsive to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development;
•    The teacher is critically important, and is most able to realize these principles when open to continued learning through ongoing professional development.
The Diller-Quaile School of Music was founded in 1920 by pianists Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile. They believed that the capacity for understanding and creating music exists in everyone. Additionally, they felt that a music school should provide a dynamic and well-rounded experience not just for select students, but for all. Together, they initiated a comprehensive approach to teaching music, combining private piano lessons with classes in musicianship and theory. Their purpose was to develop musically sensitive and receptive individuals who played with the eloquence that comes from understanding the structure of music. Through inspired teaching, they would awaken in students a responsiveness to the beauty of music and to the subtleties of artistic performance.
The first students in the School were our founders' adult pupils. In addition to developing materials and teacher training courses for these students, Angela Diller and Elizabeth Quaile collaborated to write the well-known Diller-Quaile Series, and published the "First Solo Book" in 1918. Ultimately, they wrote forty books, which have sold more than two million copies worldwide. Fifteen of these publications are still in print and currently used in private lessons and classes at the School.
Early Childhood Music Education
Beginning the journey of music-making...
Diller-Quaile's Early Childhood Department introduces small groups of children - ranging in age from infants through seven years - to the joys of music-making and visual art. 
Diller-Quaile is fortunate to have a highly trained faculty of musicians, educators, and artists, many of whom hold Dalcroze, Kodály, Orff, or Suzuki certifications.
Instrumental and Voice Music Lessons
Building a musical foundation...
Diller-Quaile's Instrumental/Vocal Department distinguishes itself through its integrated approach toward music. A program of private lessons, musicianship classes, playing and repertoire classes, ensemble experiences, and performance provides students with a comprehensive music education. Students take part in playing parties and performance and master classes; and parents are invited to participate in educational workshops and weekly parent classes. The school also provides an accompanist who visits lessons regularly. The student/parent/teacher relationship forms the foundation for musical growth and achievement. The teaching philosophy of the School's founders is enhanced by the approaches of the past century's great pedagogues - Dalcroze, Kod‡ly, Orff, and Suzuki. Private instruction from beginning to advanced levels is offered in piano, strings, woodwinds, voice, guitar, and percussion.
Adult Music Programs
Learning never ends, and it may well be the right time to start something new...
Diller-Quaile has a commitment to lifelong music education, and our Adult Programs provide classes for all levels of interest and experience. Adults at Diller-Quaile enjoy a wide variety of offerings. In addition to private instrument lessons, we offer group classes such as the Adult Orchestra, Recorder Consort, and Women's Vocal Group. We also provide series course offerings, including Appreciating Opera and weekend Chamber Music Workshops.

Teacher Training Institute
Teachers gain knowledge and develop new skills and abilities
Diller-Quaile provides opportunities for the professional development of musicians. Teacher Training courses include Elements of Music, Piano Pedagogy, the Alexander Technique, and Dalcroze Core Subjects Courses (eurhythmics, solfege, and improvisation), and Dalcroze Methodology.
Outreach Programs
Sharing the gift of music...
Through its Outreach Programs, Diller-Quaile nurtures its relationship with the extended community. Since 1973, the Summer Music Study Program (SMSP) has provided music education to the children and teachers of New York City's publicly-funded day care and after-school centers in Harlem and East Harlem. Using a rich repertoire of international folk music drawn from the many cultures of our world, the five-week program develops the participants' musical skills and abilities. The SMSP culminates with a vibrant festival of song and dance.


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24 East 95th Street New York, NY, 10128

Website: Diller-Quaile School of Music  Diller-Quaile's mission is to teach music in a way that develops the innate musicality in each student and inspires participation for lifetime.

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