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Brain Academy

Brain Academy is a Tutoring, Testing and Coaching Center for children of all ages and adults to improve weak cognitive and learning skills and maximize the impact of well-developed cognitive skills to attain stellar academic achievement and work performance.
Address: Queens, NY, 11375    
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Website: Brain Academy
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Brain Academy
Our unique tutoring and coaching program was developed by Dr. Danov, PhD, a Harvard-trained Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychologist.  To found this unique, private Tutoring, Testing and Coaching Center, Dr. Danov used her extensive experience and knowledge of how the brain works, what causes specific learning problems, poor organization, and low motivation to learn, and how cognitive problems (memory loss, and poor attention, retention, organization and focus) can be remediated.
Some children and adults suffer from a distinct learning disability, such as inability to read, spell or perform math operations.  However, the majority of individuals  with learning problems know how to read, spell, and perform basic math operations.  What they struggle with is inability to understand and retain a reading passage, answer questions about a reading text, and formulate thoughts and write coherent sentences and paragraphs. 
Many individuals also struggle with understanding of verbal math problems, breaking verbal math problems down into nformation blocks and structuring math concepts to understand how to solve the given math problem.  They also struggle to analyze verbal math problems and selecting the right math formula.  Most of them struggle to organize their thoughts, reading material, math formulas, and geometric figures.  Typically, they have poor study skills and time management abilities, inability to prioritize test questions, organize a reading text, plan and execute efficient study schedule, and recognize newly learned information in a new format, such as an analogous math problem or a reading text, or a re-arranged list of words. 
When these students receive traditional tutoring, they mainly review the same class material, read analogous reading passages, and solve similar math problems. Essentially, there is more repetition and explanation of the same class material in math or other subjects. Some individuals simply needed an extra example and a little more time to review the reading passage, understand and remember a new math concept. However, mere repetition is not sufficient for many students with learning disability, attention deficit, or weak memory and organization. While they seem to grasp a new math concept or a grammar rule after reviewing a few extra problems, they often feel at lost when faced with another math problem or a reading comprehension task. 

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7613 113 Street Suite 1F, Queens, NY, 11375

Website: Brain Academy  

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