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Student Success


A Tutor On Wheels offers you private, in-home tutoring in Westchester, NY with state certified teachers. Our tutors have years of experience and are here to help you overcome any subject difficulties you may be experiencing.

Address: NY, NY, 11101    
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Website: Student Success
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Student Success

We specialize in helping our students learn math, english and other subjects using a variety of helpful analogies and methods to improve your understanding of the given subject. Almost everyone needs a private instructor at one point or another in their lives. Whether a student needs help with basic or complex math concepts or reading comprehension difficulties, the benefits of a one-on- one tutor are tremendous. Even the most academically savvy children may have trouble with one topic or another. High achievers may only want to get accepted to the best colleges. They may need an extra academic grade or SAT score boost to get into the college of their choice.

Since A Tutor on Wheels hires only the most successful, highly qualified NYS educators, your child will benefit from their tutor’s expertise in both content and age-appropriate learning styles. Such teaching is done on a one-on -one basis, which allows students the full attention they need to master any concept. The tutor is not torn among several students needing his or her attention at one time. Such is typically the case in any classroom. Your child has his or her tutor all to themselves! Another issue is asking and answering questions. Many times, students are intimidated in the classroom and do not ask key academic questions. With a private tutor, students and educators develop a rapport with one another. Asking questions becomes a non issue and crucial information, once ambiguous, becomes clear.

Moreover, rather than cramming for a test and forgetting the material shortly thereafter, private tutoring helps students retain information. The benefit of private instruction stays with students long after they have passed exams. Knowledge becomes your child’s own because our professionals assess students on an individual basis, develop strategies that are tailored to his or her specific needs and create reasonable goals within a given timeframe. Students regain the confidence they have lost in the classroom and begin to explore new academic depths within themselves. It’s only the beginning to what they will be able to achieve. Even the best experts cannot tell how far a child will go. Let’s begin defying the odds now! Call A Tutor on Wheels so we can get you started on this exciting journey of academic wealth and power at any level!

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1214 W. Boston Post Road #220, NY, NY, 11101

Website: Student Success  

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