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Q and A Services

Q & A Services inc.`s mission is to bring you the best of services (Private and Commercial). We strive to make our costumers the most important aspect of our business. We experienced professionals cater to the unique needs of small business owners. The knowledge of our team means you can rely on more than one person to be available to assist you.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11211    
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Website: Q and A Services
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Q and A Services
Looking for life insurances can be hard to get and find. At Q & A Services, we`ll help you find the best life insurance available for you and love ones. If your spouse or a love one died, you wouldn`t be living comfortably on your own with the bills you have to handle. If you passed away, your family wouldn`t be able to handle your bills and your financial support. That is why it is best to have one for yourself and your loves ones.
There are different types of life insurances from many companies to choose from. Allow Q & A Services to help you find the right one that can best suited your needs and your family. If you do not have life insurance, we suggest that you`ll start looking for life insurances right now.
Quality Insurance Programs
One of our main goals is to place affordable insurance coverage for the public and privately owned business with insurance companies that can maintain a high standard of excellence while still offering an affordable rate for their quality products and services.
Many reputable insurance companies do not offer their products or services directly to the public.
They choose to appoint insurance brokers like Q & A Services Inc. to sell their products. By doing this they do not have to advertise or open multiple locations causing expensive over-head for their company. This savings is passed on to the public by way of offering them lowered insurance rates.
Whether you need insurance for your family, car, home, motorcycle or business, we will work hard to find you the most coverage at the best price.
Our consulting services, from "Business Start-ups and Marketing Strategies" to configuration of your accounting system, can help you achieve the success you require, while improving your business performance.
Other Available Services
Word Processing
Reminder Services
Complaint Letters
Tape Transcription
Professional Identity
Professional Organization

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Address and Phone Number
672 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Website: Q and A Services  Insurance For Your Family, Car, Home, Motorcycle Or Business, We Will Work Hard To Find You The Most Coverage At The Best Price


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