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Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld

The experienced and community-oriented attorneys at Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld in New City, New York can help you with your family law, personal injury, and real estate legal needs. The lawyers at the Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld are active in professional associations and organizations throughout the community.
Address: New City, NY, 10956    
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Website: Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld
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Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld
Clients in need of legal services when facing a divorce, purchasing real estate, or suffering a serious injury due to another`s negligence have counted on Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld in New City, New York for diligent representation. We are a family and community-oriented practice that provides quality legal services for all of our clients.
Family law matters can be complicated and driven by emotional elements. Important decisions need to be made at a time when people are under a lot of stress and emotional strain. At Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld, we handle family law cases with caring and focused service to resolve these issues and allow you to move on with your life.
Being severely injured due to the negligence of an automobile or truck driver can be devastating for you and your family. A construction accident can be catastrophic, if not fatal. The physical and psychological damage from any personal injury case has ramifications on your personal and even professional life.
When you meet with an attorney at Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld, we will listen to your case and all of its unique aspects. We treat each legal issue and client individually. There are no "cookie-cutter" solutions coming from this office. Your attorney will identify your needs and communicate the issues of your case in understandable terms, not complicated legal terminology.
Specific areas of practice include:
The attorneys at Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld will assist you with your divorce or family law matter.
Child Custody:
Custody can become a very contentious issue. When there is a dispute over custody, we can help you focus on putting the best interests of your children first.
Child Support:
Under New York law, child support is determined by a formula based on incomes.
Spousal Maintenance:
The goal is to ensure that both parties can maintain a lifestyle similar to that which they enjoyed prior to divorce.
Residential Real Estate
Bank Closings
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Construction Accidents
Slip & Fall/Dog Bites

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Address and Phone Number
301 North Main Street - Suite 4 New City, NY, 10956

Website: Hirshfeld & Hirshfeld  Family Law, Personal Injury, And Real Estate Legal Needs

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