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Esprit Wellness

Dr. Sid is the only Doctor in the New York metropolitan area offering integral scoliosis care. Dr. Sid is a certified SpineCor brace provider and is certified by Clear Institute. Dr. Sid is also a candidate for certification in the complete Pettibon System. Envision a life free from the scoliosis.
Address: New York, NY, 10036    
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Website: Esprit Wellness
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Esprit Wellness
Esprit Wellness is designed and implemented around an innovative healthcare model that honors your individual innate healing process. Our healthcare model is based upon the understanding that good health depends in part upon an optimally functioning nervous system.
Dr. Sid specializes in a non-surgical approach to Scoliosis and SpineCor bracing. Dr. Sid's objective is to research, review and develop the best integral treatment for idiopathic scoliosis. 
Dr. Sid together with the founders of Scoliosis Specialists have developed a new scoliosis correction system integrating: Spine Corporation research, the SpineCor Brace, best practices from Clear Institute principles, scoliosis exercises, and Pettibon techniques. Dr. Sid was selected to be the sole provider for Scoliosis Specialists' New York and Northeast region by Dr. Ouellette and Dr. Tabick, Founders of Scoliosis Specialists, and approved by Andrew Mills, founder of SpineCor; Dr. Pappas, Midwest region Scoliosis Specialist provider; and Dr. Marinaro, West Coast region Scoliosis Specialist provider.
Our philosophy in designing Esprit Wellness in New York City has been to create an environment that offers a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern life.
Our clients appreciate the care and attention that has been paid to every detail of our wellness center. Our clients value the quality of our team's high standards of integral care and personal service which are reflected in an atmosphere rarely enjoyed in other wellness centers in Manhattan, New York.
Pregnancy and Chiropractic
Our children deserve to be treated naturally, not with dangerous chemical drugs and unproven surgeries.
Give your baby the best possible chance to have a healthy life. You have your baby's eyes checked, heart checked, hearing checked - please bring your children in for a chiropractic spinal exam. A simple checkup now might make a big difference for your children for the rest of their lives.
Dr. Sid (chiropractor) and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive sports injury, pain treatment, nutrition, health and wellness care plans tailored to you and committed to educating and supporting your health and wellness goals. We invite you to visit us and experience the welltrained hands of chiropractic, ART & massage healing.
Just as regular maintenance visits are recommended for your car, and regular dental cleanings and check-ups are recommended for your teeth, regular chiropractic check-ups can help detect and prevent spinal stress or joint disorders.
In short, chiropractic health care is a smart choice for most everyone, at any time-you'll stay healthier longer, and the time and energy (and money!) saved due to your preventive efforts can be spent on things that are fun to do. A better quality of life awaits you.
A life free from physically and emotionally scarring scoliosis treatments - limited options, limited freedom, limited life. Esprit wellness introduces new scoliosis treatment possibilities for the reduction and correction of scoliosis!

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2 West 45th Street New York, NY, 10036

Website: Esprit Wellness  Dr. Sid is the only Doctor in the New York metropolitan area offering integral scoliosis care.


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