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Ronald R. Fieve, MD

Dr. Ronald Fieve is a leading psychopharmacologist in the treatment of Mood Disorders including Bipolar I and II Disorders, Clinical Depression, Panic and Anxiety. He also specializes in the differential diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which are often confused with early onset Bipolar Disorders, thereby leading to an incorrect and therefore ineffective treatment.
Address: Manhattan, NY, 10075    
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Website: Ronald R. Fieve, MD
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Ronald R. Fieve, MD
Ronald R. Fieve, MD
No longer are most depressions treated with long and expensive courses of psychotherapy. Physicians known as psychopharmacologists are experts in using medications to treat psychiatric chemical imbalances. Mood disorders are now treated with medication and in some instances add-on psychotherapy. The concept of depression has been expanded to include more than just a blue mood or suicidal thoughts. It now includes the entire spectrum of depression and elation from mild to severe. The newest antidepressants developed over the last two decades have helped patients and their families avoid untold weeks and years of hospitalization, divorce, difficulty on the job and untold emotional suffering. Surprisingly, some mood disorders can at times be highly beneficial.
Dr. Ronald Fieve's psychopharmacology practice has been offering high quality medical and psychiatric services to a global audience over the last three decades. Some of the key services offered by Dr. Fieve and his team are:
- An initial psychiatric diagnostic evaluation
- Clinical Psychopharmacology treatment and follow-up visits that include monitoring of medication levels
- Cognitive psychotherapy available
- Physical examination with laboratory blood analysis and EKG (electrocardiogram)
- Confidential Second Opinion on diagnosis and treatment
- Expert Legal Witness
Patients are first carefully evaluated diagnostically based on a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, family history and physical examination to determine if medication is right for them and if so, which one would be best suited for their particular needs.  
Second opinion
When a diagnosis is uncertain, medications aren't working, or treatment with the same or different doctors over time has not resulted in improvement, Dr. Fieve is often able to provide a confidential second opinion for these patients. At the patient's request Dr. Fieve will follow-up the appointment with a call to the original treating physician to discuss his findings and recommendations or provide a written report to the patient.
Dr. Fieve's psychopharmacology practice has long had a reputation of being the “court of last resort” for many people that have continued to have unstable mood or persistent side effects despite the best efforts of other doctors or treating psychiatrists. Quite often the failure to improve under another physician's care causes the patient to terminate treatment or seek a second opinion. For such cases, Dr. Fieve specializes in the "fine tuning" of the medications so that patients can live productive lives free from from the pain and anguish of Depression, Bipolar I and II symptoms, and Anxiety.
Expert witness
Dr. Fieve has been an expert witness in many legal cases locally and nationally that Bipolar disorders have played a part in including divorce and child custody cases, professional malpractice, major white collar embezzlement, and others.
As an expert in mood disorders, Dr. Fieve can provide expert testimony when lack of understanding exists that a major psychiatric illness can in some cases cause (or contribute to) criminal or aberrant behavior. In some instances, the problematic behavior occurred due to inadequate treatment or complete lack thereof.

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952 Fifth Avenue Suite 1A, Manhattan, NY, 10075

Website: Ronald R. Fieve, MD  Dr. Ronald Fieve is a leading psychopharmacologist in the treatment of Mood Disorders.


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