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Agape Veterinary Clinic

At Agape Veterinary Clinic it is our mission to do all that we can to support and encourage our clients in the pursuit of wellness for their pets. We strive to provide affordable, quality, medical and surgical care in a safe, welcoming, hospital environment. We administer all routine vaccinations for your cat or dog.
Address: Horseheads, NY, 14845    
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Website: Agape Veterinary Clinic
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Agape Veterinary Clinic
Preventive Health Care
The best way to treat medical problems is to prevent them. During your office visit, appropriate preventative health care and products for your pet will be discussed. Be sure to schedule yearly check-ups for your pet along with regular vaccinations and bi-annual screenings for intestinal parasites.
A full check-up along with yearly vaccinations is important to your pet’s health.  For dogs we administer Canine Distemper, Parainfuenza, Canine Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Rabies (required by law), Bordetella (Kennel cough), 4 Way Leptospirosis, and Lyme. For cats we administer Feline Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, Caliclvirus, Chlamydia, Rabies (required by law), Feline Leukemia, Feline Pneumonia (FIP), and Kennel cough. Due to the heavy tick infestation in our area we place a large emphasis on the lyme vaccine.
On-site Laboratory
Our on-site laboratory allows us to do a wide variety of blood testing in house. If more extensive lab work is needed, it may be sent to an outside laboratory. Also, since the incidences of positive results for tickborne diseases are on a sharp increase in our area, we now test for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, and Lyme disease with a three in one test.
General Surgery
Surgery is performed using the most current and safest anesthetics available. If an invasive procedure is required, it will be handled and monitored by a skilled team using the best equipment and instrumentation. Prior to surgery, a thorough exam will be given, and pre-anesthetic blood work will be done at the owner’s request or Doctor’s discretion to ensure maximum patient safety. Vital signs are monitored throughout the surgery. Pain management is administered during and after the procedure and can also be sent home upon Dr. recommendation or owner request. Some of the surgical services that we offer at our hospital include:
Spays and Neuters
Growth Removal
Abdominal and Intestinal Surgery
Hernia Repair
Uterine Infections (pyometra)
Laser Surgery

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Address and Phone Number
89 Colonial Drive Horseheads, NY, 14845

Website: Agape Veterinary Clinic  Complete veterinary care for all companion animals


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