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Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic

At Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic, we understand that your pet is more than just an animal – your pet is a part of your family and we are committed to providing them the quality care they deserve and you expect. Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic animal hospital has been providing complete medical, diagnostic & surgical services.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11236    
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Website: Animal Medicine&Surgery Clinic
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Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic
Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic
Welcome to Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic
You get to know everything about homeopathic medicine, de-claw surgery, exotic animals, flea baths, medicated baths, x-rays, E.K.G.s, dental care and  boarding and grooming for pets of all types.
Our approach is based on our desire to help your pet live a long, healthy life. Whether your pet walks, swims, slithers or flies, they are a vital, irreplaceable part of your life and we are honored when you entrust us with their care. Our lifelong love of all animals motivates us to keep abreast of the latest advances veterinary medicine has to offer. From our investment in state-of-the-art medical equipment to the caring, compassionate attitude of our entire staff, we strive to always deliver the best possible care for you and your pet day or night.
We offer services:
- Urinary problems – Poor diet and junk food often lead to urinary constriction for cats. Eventually cause urinary blockage.
- Spade and neuter
- Treat renal diseases
- Treat thyroid condition – Hyper and Hypo thyroid
- Diabetic problem
- Asthmatic condition in Cat and dog
- Allergy
- Skin allergies
- Food allergies
- Heart conditions
- Ear infections
- Treat all sorts of common and rare illness
- Preventative medicine
- Annual vaccination
- Dentistry
- Extraction
- X-ray Ultra-sounds
- Dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning)
- Surgery for growth removal
- Orthopedic surgery
- Heart warm exams
- General and geriatric blood work
- Flea & tick prevention
- Parasite treatments ( internal and external)
- Ticks & lymes treatments
- X-ray
Vaccinations - build immunity to disease. The healthier your pet, the better he can respond to vaccinations and fight off illness. Cats are susceptible to various viral infections such as FeLV (feline leukemia), FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and FIV (feline AIDS). Testing your kitten at 8 weeks of age and again at 6 months of age (especially in multi-pet households) and then vaccinating all felines in the house will ensure that they will not become infected by other cats who are. Parvovirus in dogs is a particularly lethal virus and can be avoided by properly vaccinating your pet before exposing him to the outside environment.
Dentistry (dental prophylaxis) and proper dental care lessen the chance of organ damage due to poor dental hygiene leading to bad teeth and gums. Schedule a dental visit once a year to keep your pet healthy.
Neutering and spaying keeps pets healthy. It has been found that spaying cats and dogs before one year of age dramatically lessens the chance of breast tumors (about 90%) as well as utering infections (pyometra) in females; and neutering males lessens the chances of testicular/prostate cancer.

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Address and Phone Number
9518 Avenue L Brooklyn, NY, 11236

Website: Animal Medicine&Surgery Clinic  Animal Medicine & Surgery Clinic, we understand that your pet is more than just an animal.

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