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Amclare Veterinary Hospital

We will offer high-quality veterinary medical care to our patients in a gentle, caring atmosphere and provide the best possible service to our clients. Our patients are the heart (and soul) of our practice and the reason we are here. Our goal and policy is to treat our patients/clients as we would treat our families.
Address: Williamsville, NY, 14221    
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Website: Amclare Veterinary Hospital
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Amclare Veterinary Hospital
At all times our patients/clients will be treated humanely, with respect, dignity and compassion.
Our staff is our most important asset, and we will treat them with respect and fairness.
To accomplish our mission we will:
We will create a business culture that places a premium on client satisfaction.
Provide a highly trained and professional staff.
Help you understand your pet’s health and the latest in preventative health care so you can make the best possible healthcare choices for your pet.
Demonstrate a genuine concern for our client’s time.
As a result of these provisions, we hope that:
Our client’s will regard us as a provider of professional, high-quality, and reliable medical service and advice.
They will continue as a part of our practice family.
They will feel a desire to refer their friends and family.
They will uphold their scheduling and financial commitments.
Being of service to our patients/clients is the definition of our purpose and the mission of our practice.
We pledge we will always do our very best to serve you.
WE appreciate your selection of our practice to provide your veterinary needs. Because we care a great deal about you and our animal friends, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary medical care. We believe our primary responsibility is to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible.
Many of the services we provide are aimed at early detection and prevention of disease. Routine examinations, immunizations, proper diet, standard health screens, dental services, sterilization and preventative medications are the cornerstone of our preventive healthcare program.
We recognize there are many factors that go into making decisions about your pet’s healthcare. We have no desire to extend anyone beyond their means, but we are sure you will find the cost of prevention is much less than the cost of treating an illness.

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895 Hopkins Road Williamsville, NY, 14221

Website: Amclare Veterinary Hospital  We look forward to working with you

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