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Escrow Manager

Escrow Manager is an escrow accounting software company that offers landlord, tenant and trust. Also sub-accounting solutions to manage all of your rent security and general escrow deposit products. Banks and law firms found Escrow Manager's Master escrow accounting software to be profitable, cost effective.
Address: St. James, NY, 11780    
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Website: Escrow Manager
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Escrow Manager
Simple, profitable, escrow accounting solutions
Every day you're faced with critical decisions on how to make your escrow deposit business as efficient and profitable as possible.
Decisions on how to streamline operations.
Decisions on which solutions will best track your accounts. And decisions on what technologies will most improve your bottom line.
Given the strategic link between technology and profitability, it's no surprise that so many small- to medium-sized banks, law firms, real estate brokers, property managers and municipalities use Escrow Manager's accounting applications to efficiently process and maintain their escrow deposits.
No matter how complex your escrow management process is, solutions from Escrow Manager will cut your administrative costs by vastly improving your workplace efficiencies.
Our applications enable you to efficiently record account data, accelerate account processing and accurately report account performance-all within the crazy deadlines of your daily operations.
Our Master/Sub Tracker escrow accounting system, Security Tracker landlord/tenant rent security system and Client Tracker client escrow account management system are designed for users with little to no technical expertise.
The applications are easy to use and are designed to eliminate the need for labor-intensive manual calculations, record keeping or confusing spreadsheets.
Security Tracker: Simple. Profitable. Security Deposit Processing.
Escrow Manager's Security Tracker system for landlord/tenant security accounting offers an integrated, on-site solution for managing multi-level landlord/tenant relationships. Designed for small- to mid-sized banks, property managers and other organizations that require recording, processing and maintaining tenant security deposits, Security Tracker provides you with a fast, cost-effective security deposit management solution.
Client Tracker: Simple. Profitable. Client Receipt and Disbursement Processing.
Escrow Manager's Client Tracker system offers a timely and cost-effective solution for managing the receipt and disbursements of your escrow funds. The system is designed for law firms, real estate brokers, nursing homes or any other organization that requires the ability to record escrow receipts and disbursements from clients. Client Tracker generates checks, performs check reconcilement, and produces the period statements your clients require to efficiently manage their accounts.
Each application is designed to work with today's desktop technology and can be interfaced with your core accounting systems.
Implementation and training can be accomplished in as little as a few hours, keeping your overall software investment affordable. Extensive reporting for both bank and client, as well as detailed audit trails are core features of each application.
When selecting Escrow Manager's accounting applications, your organization will benefit from an experienced team of escrow managers, technical experts and industry consultants. In addition to installation and training, we provide ongoing support, customized programming, maintenance services, telephone support, quality assurance and technical consulting-all customized to meet your individual business requirements.
Decisions on how to increase the profitability of your escrow business need not be difficult.
With over a decade of experience in delivering simple, efficient and economical escrow accounting solutions, we have enabled North American organizations of all sizes and complexities to benefit from improved workplace efficiencies, faster account processing and accurate customer reporting.
Philip Darcy
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Darcy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Escrow Manager™. He has over thirty years of experience in designing and building financial applications for various sized organizations. Prior to his involvement in data processing, Mr. Darcy served for over ten years in different accounting positions. He believes that his diversified accounting experience has been the key to his successful data processing career.
Prior to founding PBMS and Escrow Manager, Mr. Darcy spent eight years at National Investor Data Services, Inc. (NIDS). As the Vice President of Development, he was responsible for the continuing upgrade of NIDS's primary portfolio product, NIDS/Port. Mr. Darcy was directly responsible for the design and implementation of their fully integrated NIDS/Fund and NIDS/Global Mutual Fund Accounting products. He also served as the primary designer of the NIDS/Share Mutual Fund transfer agent system. In addition to his experience in the investment community, Mr. Darcy has written several real estate management, general ledger, and cash management packages utilized by banks and real estate developers.

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872 Jericho Turnpike St. James, NY, 11780

Website: Escrow Manager  Escrow Manager is an escrow accounting software company that offers landlord, tenant and trust.

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