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EnviroTech Inspection Services Inc.

EnviroTech Inspection Services Inc. is an environmental consulting firm providing inspection, remediation and analytical services to residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and educational facilities throughout the Tri-State area. Environmental inspections for your home or business building.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11219    
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Website: EnviroTech Inspection Services
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EnviroTech Inspection Services Inc.
The services we offer are:
Lead and asbestos consulting and abatement
Test your indoor air for mold, lead, asbestos, radon and allergens (pollen)
State of the art X-Ray Fluorescence technology (non-destructive) to test painted surfaces for lead
Mold inspection and remediation
Radon mitigation
Clearance on post-abatement and remediation projects
Inspect for real estate transactions for realtors, homeowners, homebuyers and child care centers
Inspection Service
EnviroTech Inspection Services Inc. recommends our full environmental inspection so that you can be assured that your home or business is environmentally safe. This full inspection is for mold, asbestos, lead, radon and allergens. If you do not want a full inspection, we can provide individual inspection for any combination of any of the tests.
Inspection, Testing and Removal Methods
Lead - It has been estimated that over half of all buildings in the United States constructed before 1978 contain lead paint. Although children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, lead also presents a threat to workers performing renovations that disturb the paint as well as to residents of the renovated space. Lead paint removal is expensive. What`s more, it is the only solution to lead paint problem.
Mold - We provide a visual inspection in you home or business
Asbestos - We provide visual inspection of asbestos containing material in hoe or business. According to the EPA, most people spend 70% of their lives indoor, whether at home or work. Bad indoor air quality effects millions of people, especially people with respiratory problems. Indoor air pollutants have been proven to worsen medical conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, allergic asthma, sinuses, and allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Airborne asbestos can cause asbestosis, which is scarring of the tissue that lines the lungs.
Radon - We offer short-term and long-term testing to check your radon levels
Allergens - We test your home for elevated counts of allergens
Duct Cleaning - We offer duct cleaning service

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Address and Phone Number
PO Box 190700 Brooklyn, NY, 11219

Website: EnviroTech Inspection Services  Simple solutions for a complex environment

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