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1st Security Money Centers

 Our Philosophy "Customers for Life" - A strong and genuine belief in the "customer for life" principal of doing business is what fuels this company. Referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have always delivered the majority of the Company`s production. Low rates and fees through knowledge and technology. We offering home loans for purchase, refinance and more!  
Address: Southfields, NY, 10975    
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Website: 1st Security Money Centers
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1st Security Money Centers
 We use the most advanced technology available to close loans quickly, at a low cost. By combining the use of the Internet along with advanced processing software and automated underwriting systems we have taken the mystery out of approving and closing a homeloan. 
 Get Qualified  
 Getting qualified before you apply for a loan can help you understand how much you can borrow.  
 When buying a house, you may get pre-qualified or pre-approved. You can typically get pre-qualified over the phone or on the Internet in a few minutes. A pre-qualification is not as beneficial as a pre-approval where you have to go through a more rigorous process which includes verification of your credit, income, assets and liabilities. It is highly recommended that you get pre-approved before you start looking for a house. This will help you:  
 Find out the maximum house you can buy, so you don`t waste time looking for properties you can not afford.  
 Puts you in a stronger position when you are negotiating with the seller, because the seller knows that your loan is already approved.  
 Helps you close quickly, since your loan is already approved.  
 If you`re like most people, purchasing a home is the biggest investment you`ll ever make. If you`re considering buying a home, you`re likely aware of the complexity of the endeavor. Because of the numerous factors to consider when purchasing a home, it`s important to prepare as best you can. Some common home-buying principles and caveats are presented here for your consideration. By keeping them in mind, you`ll help create a successful and more enjoyable experience. These Top Ten lists are by no means exhaustive. Since your home could cost you 25 to 40 percent of your gross income, it`s important to conduct research, ask questions and study the process carefully.  
 Info for home byers  
 Looking for a home without being pre-approved.  
 Making verbal agreements.  
 Choosing a lender just because they have the lowest rate.  
 Not getting a rate lock in writing.  
 Using a dual agent--i.e., an agent who represents the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.  
 Not shopping for home insurance until you are ready to close.  
 Signing documents without reading them.  
 Not allowing for delays in the transaction.  
 Looking for a home without being pre-approved.  
 Making verbal agreements.

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Address and Phone Number
967 Route 17 Southfields, NY, 10975

Website: 1st Security Money Centers  Welcome to 1st Security Money Centers company, apply today and be on your way to owning your own home


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