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 I am Jim Pendleton senior loan officer for Financial Services of America, a direct lender Nationally Licensed in all 50 states, is at your service. I have over twenty years experience in the area of mortgage financing, and over thirty years in the area of financing. I owned a leasing and finance company for about 10 years, and during the economic boom of the early eighties I was asked to get financing for one of my leasing clients.
Address: Holbrook, NY, 11741    
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Website: Mr.Mortgage
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 As I started to shop around, I soon discovered that there was no mortgage competition, so I asked about becoming a mortgage bank. A neighborhood bank gave me a few million, and the rest is history. I hired and trained mortgage processors, mortgage solicitors, and mortgage closers, many of which now own their own funding companies. I faced some personal problems and have since recovered nicely, but I didn`t want the pressure of owning my own business, so I tried working for a number of mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers, all having either limited funding sources or financial problems. This caused me additional pressure from loosing transactions for reasons beyond my control. Also, I couldn`t do what I like to do best, help people.  
 So I did some shopping myself, and found Financial Services of America, a nationally licensed, publicly traded, direct lender, who`s wonderful staff has been a great asset, helping me get files done and funded which is very important to me and you.  
 I don`t need to make a fortune, so I often help everyday folk, as well as the rich and famous, get a better deal for themselves, which takes more time, but gives greater satisfaction knowing I helped a deserving soul. Soon I will be publishing some great testimonies of people with problems who got them resolved with my help. I always say, you can`t have a testimony without a test! God has been good to me, so if you need some prayers and spiritual guidance, just ask. I don`t believe in pushing, but if you ask I am always willing to share what God has done for me. Maranatha! Until He comes!  
 Who has the best rates?  
 The question can be answered by looking at a series of smaller questions and drawing a conclusion. First what is best? Is the best rate the lowest? Not so, I can quote you a rate you don`t qualify for, it`s the lowest, but you can`t have it! Some brokers and lenders offer "snow flake" rates, they look great, but melt when you apply for them. If you want the lowest rate, find someone trustworthy and let them do what is right for you. As my comptroler (the man who handles the money for a major corporation) says, you don`t pay in interest rates, you pay in payments! Compare overall old to new payments, length of term, etc., and see if you are saving money! The mortgage bank I represent (Jim Pendleton, senior loan officer for Financial Services of America, publicly traded, a direct lender- licensed in ALL 50 States) has over 20 major lenders we represent, as well as over 100 programs, plus construction lenders, sub-prime lenders, etc. Mr. Mortgage, Jim Pendleton, is here to help, I shop for you ,customize a plan for you, explain your options, and guarantee the lowest rate, I`m at your service!!!

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4250 Veterans Memorial Hwy suite 4000W Holbrook, NY, 11741

Website: Mr.Mortgage  Jim Pendleton senior loan officer for Financial Services of America,is at your service.


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