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Tanika`s Weaves

You can get any service done at Tanika's, relaxers, weaves, color, rinses, styles and the quality can't be beat. You can have your hair done by a real professional. Don't waste your time in waiting rooms of other salons. Come here and have a relaxing session full of joy in a pleasant atmosphere.
Address: New York, NY, 10027    
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Website: Tanika`s Weaves
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Tanika`s Weaves
Tanika`s Weaves
Tanika was born in New York City and raised in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) where she attended Cosmetology School. Tanika came back to New York City at the age of eighteen to peruse a career as a professional model - which didn’t work out quite to her expectations. After several fashion related jobs, Tanika decided to give hair weaving a try. That’s when she discovered her ability to create model/celebrity weaves for the average woman!
Personal Message From Tanika:
Ladies, you can trust that my weaves are not only sexy but affordable and durable too. My weaves are for the women of the world that are trying to make a statement with their hair. Trying to make their mark in this world, whether it be in the corporate world or the entertainment world.
No one should know that your hair isn’t really your hair - but according to me, if you brought it it's yours! I make my weaves so incredibly realistic that sometimes I can’t even tell where the client’s hair weaves starts and where it ends.
People always ask me: what makes a good hair weave? I tell them it’s truly a combination of three things:
- The method that is used when weaving the hair
- The proper measurements of the hair
- How much the hair weave truly resembles the client's natural hair texture.
If these three requirements are met, you can be sure you’re getting the best hair weave possible!
My weaves are for the Divas of NYC. Remember ladies the world is your runway!
Tanika's Weaves

- Full Head Trackless Weave Applications
- Non-Trackless Full Head Weave Applications
- Weave Correction
- Wash & Set
- Wash & Set Add On: 
- Conditioning Treatments
- Full Head Bonded
- Bonded Weave Per Track
- Weave Tightening
- Tightening Per Track
- Top Hair Flattening (flat iron)
- Hair Trim
- Weave Removal
- Weave Removal -Tanika's Weave (weaves put in by Tanika)
- Individual Track Removal
- Sewn In Per Track
- Relaxer
- Relaxer (Small Section)
- Rinse
- Weave Maintenance (New!)
- Wash and blow dry
- Weave trimming or shaping
- Hair treatment
- Weave straightening
- Weave tightening
Note: If your hair is thin, I don’t recommend weaving it. If you still would like a weave, you must sign a consent form.
Weave appointments are a 5 hour process.
Tanika does not offer/has never done: strand by strand, fusion, links, front lace or any other method of weaving accept for sewn in. Tanika believes sewn in weaves are the safest method of hair weaving.

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Address and Phone Number
100 West 124th Street New York, NY, 10027

Website: Tanika`s Weaves  You can get any service done at Tanika`s, relaxers, weaves, color, rinses, styles and the quality can't be beat.

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 *** 1 Review for Tanika`s Weaves
Excellent 05/02/2010  Lisa AKA-Bronx Bombshell!!    Bronx, New York
Head Turning Results!!! Tanika provides a rare combination of Technique and style tat resulted in a fabulous,flawless couture weave. She Loves what she does and you will Love your results!

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