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Victoria Strands, Inc

Victoria Strands' unique strand-by-strand hair extension method finally offers women (and men) natural looking, natural moving, and easy-to-care-for hair, while promoting healthy care of the scalp. We are coming out to let the world know about an innovative hair enhancement process that makes bad hair days a thing of the past.
Address: New York, NY, 10023    
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Website: Victoria Strands
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Victoria Strands, Inc
Victoria Strands, Inc
Our hair extension method involves carefully attaching hair strand-by-strand without using glue, wax, nets, or braids. It is lightweight and does not suffocate the scalp, which results in the client not feeling like they are ''wearing" hair that is not their own.
The Victoria Strands Method is universal because it can be used on all hair textures. It is the best kept secret of many successful professionals, including top corporate and entertainment industry executives who require realistic hair, good taste, and hair that can be easily taken care of during business or vacation travel.
Because so many women have complained that traditional hair extension methods cause hair loss, result in fake-looking hair that is “heavy” to wear and does not move realistically, the Victoria Strands Method is designed to address those problems. Traditional hair weaves are very problematic. Because the hair is already sewn onto an existing weft/track, traditional weaves feel very heavy on the scalp. They also restrict blood circulation, which prevents the scalp from “breathing,” thereby lessening the density of one’s natural hair. The weight of the weft puts undue stress on the natural hair, which results in hair loss. In addition, the weft blocks the scalp, thereby making it difficult to keep the scalp clean. As a result, the attached and natural hair takes on an unpleasant odor. Additionally, braiding the hair into cornrows often dries out the natural hair. Once the weave is removed and the natural hair is unbraided, the hair often breaks. Further, although the hair lies flatter when attached by glue because it is bonded to unbraided hair, the glue is often latex or an adhesive that damages the natural hair. If the glued hair is not removed properly, and it generally is not, the client will lose hair from the roots, which causes smooth bald spots in the areas where the glued hair was placed. Finally, because natural hair grows and falls strand by strand, the visual result of the traditional weave method is that the hair does not move freely since it is sewn on track lines and placed on the head numerous strands at a time. Therefore, the hair does not lift naturally when the wind blows or when a hand is run though it.
Then there are those other so-called “strand-by-strand” methods, including the Fusion Method, Great Lengths™, the Beaded Weave, the Integration Weave, the Malaysian Method and Micro Illusion. However, most if not all of these other methods use either harmful chemicals or harmful techniques that damage hair and/or result in an unnatural look and feel. Furthermore, many of these methods are uneconomical with regard to application time.
Vickie L. Williams, a licensed cosmetologist professional in the business for 15 years, developed the Victoria Strands Method. Vickie is an artist whose work is devoted to making people more beautiful. Her special touch of creativity is a perfect form of art. She believes that if you look beautiful, you will feel beautiful, and if you feel beautiful, you can do anything in the world.

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163 West 71st Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY, 10023

Website: Victoria Strands  Victoria Strands` unique strand-by-strand hair extension method finally offers women (and men) natural looking, and natural moving.

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