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CustomerFirst Renewables

CustomerFirst Renewables, or “CFR,” is an innovative and customer-focused renewable energy company delivering attractive economics and environmental benefits to large electricity end-users. Our founders are former McKinsey & Company senior consultants with over 80 years of collective experience serving suppliers and customers across the electricity value chain. Our broad view of the energy industry, our ability to listen, and our superior analytic capabilities help us recognize where value creation opportunities exist and develop solutions to capture them.
Address: Washington, DC, 20005    
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CustomerFirst Renewables
CFR solutions bring more renewable value to end-users and, in many cases, to developers and utilities as well. How do we do it? By starting with the customer. Many large end-users recognize that technology, market, and environmental forces have reached the point where renewables are both environmentally and financially attractive. But their needs aren’t being met by monopoly utilities or conventional independent power producers (IPPs) selling power under regulator-driven contracts, through lopsided wholesale contracts, or in risky competitive markets. Our mission is to help organizations achieve their energy goals with tailored and profitable renewable supply solutions that provide the benefits of generation ownership without the hassle. The end result is more value for our customers and new opportunities along the value chain for CFR and our partners.
We strive to meet customer electricity needs and reduce future price risks like no company before—with direct user investment in utility-scale renewable solutions. We do this through a flexible, customer-tailored contract that offers many financial and environmental advantages. CFR’s service model provides value tailored to customer needs and far exceeding what they can do on their own.
We’re a different kind of energy supplier. We help our customers expand their renewable supply solution set, reduce electricity costs and mitigate future price risks. Our value proposition is distinctive in the industry and isn’t easily replicated in traditional supplier culture. Our business model is financially sound, competitive, and smart. Our market focus is on customers, not on signing the next utility purchased power agreement (PPA). Our partners want to make a bigger impact with renewables than what’s available in the market today. Everything we do is geared towards creating a win-win for our customers and our value chain partners.

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1425 K Street, N.W. Suite 350, Washington, DC, 20005

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