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Hillary Taylor Personnel

Hillary Taylor Personnel places applicants in many industries, at many corporate levels. Whatever position you are seeking, we can help. We have years of experience in the personnel business, and we've developed personalized knowledge of our client companies. That enables us to give each applicant effective, individualized assistance with resume writing and interview preparation.
Address: New York, NY, 10038    
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Website: Hillary Taylor Personnel
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Hillary Taylor Personnel
Hillary Taylor Personnel
Your success is our success
Our slogan is the essence of what we are about. We strive to meet the expectations of each client in every way possible. Applicants go through an extensive screening process, including proficiency tests and background checks, which enables the future employer to review the applicant's skill level and past performance. This meticulous method ensures highly skilled, dedicated and productive employees.
Hillary Taylor has more than 25 years in the personnel business. She has been honored in the "Who's Who of Women Executives". She and her staff take great pride in all accomplishments.
Hillary Taylor Personnel is one of the leading and most respected personnel agencies in New York City. Part of our success is that every candidate is given the "personal touch". We place each candidate in a secure and stable environment offering growth potential, competitive salaries and excellent benefits.
We anticipate your needs and will always respond to them. Your time is too important to waste, therefore, if you are looking for lucrative employment in a prestigious position, or if you are looking for a qualified candidate to fill a position, you must remember...
We offer an unparalleled roster of clients looking for candidates to fill their open positions. Drawing on years of experience and personalized knowledge of our client companies, we give each applicant individualized assistance. When we help you with a job search, you know that you're communicating your strengths as effectively as possible.
Resume Tips
The first step is polishing your resume so that your qualifications shine. Take a look at your resume and make sure you have these basics covered.
- Everyone should have a resume
- You need to strike a balance between giving too much information and not enough
- Career objectives should not be over-achievable
- Don't forget your home and work phone numbers
- References should always be "Upon Request"
Remember - a resume is a quick snapshot of your strengths and accomplishments - it has to say "Hire me, I am right for this job". This balance between too much and too little information while maintaining interest and inducing excitement about you is an art that Hillary Taylor and her staff have honed to perfection.
Hillary Taylor Personnel offers companies a simple, reliable way to find the best staff available.
Personalized service. With Hillary Taylor Personnel, you'll receive an ideal combination of high technology and old-fashioned service. We're accessible and responsive 24 hours a day via fax or email, so you always have the information you need. But no standardized test or high-speed modem can replace person-to-person communication.
We get to know the needs of each client so we can select the most appropriate applicants for each company. 

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Address and Phone Number
80 Maiden Lane, 904 New York, NY, 10038

Website: Hillary Taylor Personnel  Hillary Taylor Personnel places applicants in many industries, at many corporate levels.

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