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EternityCremationUrns is a division of Artisan Memorials, a leader in headstone, monument and cremation monuments and memorial products sold nationwide. We carry a complete line of Cremation Urns, Cremation Vaults and Cremation Monuments and Memorials. Our online catelog is vast and diverse- offering a large selection of unique cremation urns as well as traditional.
Address: Albany, NY, 12222    
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Tile and Stone Stores in CA

We offer a large selection of cremation urns and funeral urns including marble cremation urns, bronze
cremation urns, wooden cremation, infant urns and cremation jewelry keepsake urns.
Our urns are beautiful and made of the highest quality. We offer free ground shipping in the Continental U.S. and offer 2nd day shipping. Jewelry are usually approximately 1-50 cubic inches. The very small are for jewelry where there is a token amount of remains in the receptacle.
Keepsake urns are used to hold a percentage of cremation urns divided usually among family member so they may all have remains of their loved ones with them.
They may also be used to hold infant remains and the remains of a small pet.
We carry a complete line of Cremation Urns, keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, scattering urns and more.
We are a division of Artisan Memorials and are based in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.  Artisan Memorials is a leading memorial products company that sells headstones and memorials nationwide. offers Cremation Urns, Cremation Jewelry Keepsakes, Memorial Urn Pendants.
Wood Cremation Urns, bronze Cremation Urns, brass Cremation Urns, glass Cremation Urns, sports Cremation Urns, motorcycle Cremation Urns, infant Cremation Urns, scattering Urns, Funeral Urns and Burial Urns.
Our catalog has an extensive selection of  different shapes, sizes and styles.
We provide quality cremation urns and cremation products that will represent and honor your loved ones the way you want them remembered. Our Cremation Urns are beautiful, our standard shipping is free.
What you need to know about the size of the Cremation Urn is capacity which is measured in cubic inches and the actual outside dimensions. Calculating the cubic inches  needed is a simple rule of thumb to follow.
Different final resting places make a need for different types of Cremation Urns.
Be sure to check with the Cemetery to find out what size you need.
They may also want you to have a cremation vault, which is a container that the cremation urns sit in.
There are basically 3 size categories for Cremation Urns.
We have listed them below:
Single or Individual Cremation Urns
These are what most people use.
They have an approximate capacity of 200-300 cubic inches or so.
It is not an absolute, if using the weight to cubic inch rule of thumb, and the need for more cubic inches is necessary, then of course a companion cremation urn is absolutely appropriate
Double or Companion Urns
Companion cremation urns are designed to hold the remains of up to two adult individuals.  These urns are approx 400 - 500 cubic inches.
Keepsake Cremation Urns and Jewelry

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PO Box 739 Albany, NY, 12222

Website:  Offer a complete line of Cremation Urns, Vaults and Cemetery Memorials especially desinged for cremation.

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