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Eneslow is unlike any "shoe store" you have ever experienced. Eneslow is a recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art foot solutions that can offer immediate relief from painful foot conditions. Our Board Certified Pedorthists (C.Peds.) are trained in all aspects of foot evaluation and will provide you with the best shoe fit.
Address: New York, NY, 10016    
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Website: Eneslow
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Your feet will be placed in the hands of a trained professional. Our Pedorthic Fitters will properly fit you in footwear designed for your foot type, lifestyle and any existing medical conditions.
We also specialize in custom-made shoes, shoe repair and shoe modification techniques to deal with all kinds of foot problems or injuries.
Our mission since the establishment of Eneslow in 1926 stays true today, to provide you with the best footwear and foot care solutions.
Eneslow (pronounced N-S-Low) has been in the business of comforting feet since 1926. Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center, provides total foot care for both normal feet and those suffering from common foot ailments or injury. Eneslow carries NYC`s largest selection of fashionable comfort shoe brands including Durea, New Balance, ECCO, Mephisto, and many others. These stylish comfort shoes are available in virtually every size and width imaginable. In addition to NYC`s largest selection of comfort shoes, Eneslow offers orthopedic shoes and devices. Eneslow also provides state-of-the-art foot products to alleviate the most common foot disorders. Eneslow`s staff includes certified pedorthists, who are available to solve foot problems and fill prescriptions for the doctors who regularly send their patients to Eneslow. Additionally, an on-site factory enables customers to have their shoes repaired, modified, or even custom-made.
We are proud to carry the very latest in upscale foot health products that include orthotics, supports, insoles, specialty footwear, and pads providing relief with the latest "gel" technology. Our diverse footcare line offers you immediate comfort from almost every foot condition including heel pain, arch pain, ball-of-foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, diabetes, arthritis, and more. These unique foot health products are available to you immediately, and at an affordable price to meet your needs.

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470 Park Avenue South New York, NY, 10016

Website: Eneslow  Recognized Leader In Providing State-Of-The-Art Foot Solutions That Can Offer Immediate Relief From Painful Foot Conditions

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