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We are a shop for the Professional: a person who is in the business of Audio/Video Production, Photography, or any congruent fields. Therefore we avoid selling items which, for instance, a family would take on a vacation to avoid unnecessary clutter and overload. We strive to offer the lowest possible prices.
Address: Nanuet, NY, 10954    
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Website: GLFX
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If you`re looking for professional products, would you want to be in a store which sells consumer level products? Although there is nothing wrong with carrying as many items as possible, at GLFX we believe there is a line that needs to be drawn.
We strive to be helpful to professionals, hobbyists, and novices alike – and everyone who strives to improve and expand their capabilities and skills.
Selection: We list only items we determine to be relevant to our focus of professional grade items for use relevant fields. This ensures no sorting through "family vacation" type items, helping you find just what you need for your business.
Competitive pricing: We do not believe in pricing just below the competition, if we can offer it for a lot less, we will.
Ever expanding information: Every week we are adding and updating product information to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting when you place an order with us.
Customer Service: We make our best effort to answer inquiries within 24 hours. We also answer everything we were asked: too often we hear of other merchants answering only one question when the customer had asked two or more.
Marketing: At GLFX, we don`t believe in the typical marketing schemes, which in many cases are childish and assume a low level of intelligence of the shopper. A prime example which makes us shake our heads is the "years of experience" type of claim: vast majority of these statements are never backed by any factual proof. Our claims are substantiated in facts and are free of spin.
GLFX is lead by two rising professionals, Victor Demydov and Darren Levine. The idea for it came after they got tired of inefficiencies, overly-broad scope, lack of customer service and, often, irrelevance of many places that call themselves "professional".
If you have any questions, please contact us! We hope your experience with us is absolutely top-notch.

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Address and Phone Number
P.O. Box 9016 Nanuet, NY, 10954

Website: GLFX  A "Pro" shop

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