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Transfer City USA

Let us Transfer your 8mm, super8 and 16mm home movies, slides & photographs to Video Tape, VideoCD, DVD, DVCam, MiniDV, AVI files, WMV files, etc. Remember - Your Precious Memories Are Our Precious Business! For Speed, Quality and Low Prices on Mass Duplication, Call Us! We offer customized labels, too.
Address: Staten Island, NY, 10306    
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Website: Transfer City USA
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Transfer City USA
Take your precious memories out of storage. No more hassles with projectors, film reels, slide trays & screens. Just press play on your VCR and watch your home movies again & again on your TV.
Here at Transfer City USA all work is monitored from start to finish. All video transfers are done on high quality industrial grade E.O.P. equipment with CCD technology, which are equipped with controls for lightening, darkening, color enhancement and jumping. No mirror boxes used and all blank footage is edited out of your final product. Please keep in mind that the quality of the transfer is determined by the quality of the film submitted.
All video transfers are performed on Pro VHS tapes that we supply at no extra charge. To ensure top quality, all transfers are recorded at SP mode and put on 2 hour tapes. If all recording time is not used, you may return your Transfer City video cassette along with more reels and have them added on. Please, Arrange your reels, slides or photos in the order you would like them transferred. Label clearly.
Movie Film Type:
We can transfer regular 8mm, Super8 and 16mm.
If your Super8 or 16mm film has sound, the sound will be transferred also.
We can add background music to your transfer. Please specify the type of music you desire. We can add titles to your video. Any title can be added before any reel, slide or photo.  
Our services also include mass video, DVD and CD duplication, multiple DVD copies, audio tapes to CD, CD copies, foreign conversions (to and from any country), Reel to Reel audio to CD and video editing.
All copies are done on high grade equipment using distribution amps so your first copy looks the same as your last. All copies include a T120 video tape. (No bulk tapes or DVDs used.) All tabs are pulled, tapes are rewound and put into a cardboard sleeve.
All our services are offered to wholesalers and commercial accounts at wholesale prices.

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Address and Phone Number
458 Midland Avenue Staten Island, NY, 10306

Website: Transfer City USA  No more hassles!

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