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Audio To Go Inc

We offer translation, dubbing, voice-over, narration and audio recording in any language in any location. Audio-To-Go can fully produce a sound track including translation (in over 40 languages), direction, narration and recording. Or, we can supply you with any one of those functions. We`ve got beautiful voices.
Address: New York, NY, 10024    
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Website: Audio To Go Inc
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Audio To Go Inc
By beautiful, we mean we draw from the finest available talent pool of experienced, foreign-born professionals. They work in theater, television and advertising. Which means they don`t just talk, they act. And they can do it free of accent, or heavily-accented, depending on your needs. They are men and women of all ages and styles. Union and non-union talent available.
Our translators are naturals.
They translate for the spoken word. They sound real, they sound conversational, (except when you want them to sound like an announcer). They understand and accommodate the cultural nuances of your audience. Foreign-born editors and specialists review everything for accuracy in the subject area.
Want to record here, when you`re there?
Wherever there is! All you need is a telephone. Call us when you`re ready to record. We`ll connect your phone to our system. And you`re ready to direct your session. We hear you through our headphones. You hear us (and everything we record) through your receiver. When you`ve completely approved the result, we ship tape by overnight express or via internet. We`ve got the equipment to make it easy.
Audio-To-Go is dedicated to total customer satisfaction, backed by the Audio-To-Go 12-Point Total Quality Control program. Basic to this strategy is two-way communication between our clients and ourselves. Throughout the process of foreign language conversion, we welcome your comments, questions and general feedback to help us serve you better.
Client Orientation
Script Analysis
Cultural Adaptation
Spoken-Word Translations
Client Review
Phone Patch
Post Production and Final Review   
Partial list of our equipment:
Sound Booth
Fully Automated Yamaha Digital Mixer
Apple Power-Mac Computer with ProTools, Waves, and state-of-the art DigiDesign hardware and software
2 DAT Recorders - Sony
U-Matic HB 3/4 inch Video Recorder - Sony
Betacam-SP Video Recorder- Sony
Phone Patch System
CD Recorder

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Address and Phone Number
42 West 89th Street Apt E New York, NY, 10024

Website: Audio To Go Inc  Translation, Dubbing, Voice-Over, Narration And Audio Recording


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