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Fenix Studios

Fenix Studios was founded in 1999 by Bill and Tony Hanson. Fenix is proud to offer a brand new Recording Facility, with experienced engineers, A brand new Live room, acoustically designed for optimal sound, four hourly rehearsal rooms kept by a daily maintenance crew, as well as monthly rehearsal rooms for musicians with a heavy practicing schedule.
Address: Staten Island, NY, 10309    
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Website: Fenix Studios
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Fenix Studios
We here at Fenix Studios pride ourselves on our service, cleanliness, and upkeep of our equipment & studios. Come down and try one of our comfortable rehearsal rooms out and see for yourself!
Studio A: 5 mics or line ins. Fits 6 musicians comfortably plus guests.
Studio B: 4 mics or line ins. Fits 4-5 comfortably plus 2 guests. Drum Monitor included. Acoustics in this room are very well rounded.
Studio C: Our showcase room supports up to 16 mics or line ins. CD Recorder/Player, Drum Monitor, 2-4 monitors, 2 tier stage, dimmer lights, and full lighting rig. Fits 7-8 comfortably plus several guests. This room is optimal for presentations.
Studio D: 4 mics or line ins. Fits 4 players comfortably plus 2 guests. Drum Risor, PA w/built in fx.
All rehearsal rooms come equipped with: Drumset w/ both single and double bass pedal included, ride, and hats. Rooms are also equipped with 2 1/2 stack guitar riggs + 1 combo, Bass Rig, PA System, chairs or couch for guests.
Each room is tailored for different band needs soundwise and spacewise.
Equipment: We carry a large asortment of available equipment to use with your hourly rehearsal room.
Food and drinks are allowed in all areas of the building but you may not smoke. Fenix Studios is located in a commercial building and smoking is prohited. This not only suits legality, It allows non smokers a smoke free envirornemt and also keeps smoke out of your equipment which can be harmful.
Security: Excellent Security, set up for our protection and your own are state of the art security cameras. They cover each area of the building and are consistently monitored. When you join our monthly room area you not only get a key to your door, but to your area which is kept locked when no bands are practicing, as well the front door. Fenix Studios prides itself on being friendly, clean, and most of all, safe.
Utilities: With your flat fee of rental you also receive central Air and Heat.
Access: You have 24/7 access to your rooms.

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Address and Phone Number
4442 Arthur Kill Rd. Staten Island, NY, 10309

Website: Fenix Studios  Home for all your musical needs

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