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Westchester Funeral Home

We offer a range of services to help you create a service that is personal, dignified, and correct in every detail. In addition, we provide a variety of services to accommodate your budget. Every family receives individualized attention, regardless of the cost. We can help you plan the cremation, as well as any other services you may desire.
Address: Eastchester, NY, 10709    
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Website: Westchester Funeral Home
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Westchester Funeral Home
One of the First Funeral Homes in New York City
In 1832, when our great, great grandfather Samuel Benedict opened his business in Greenwich Village, he called it an undertaking parlor. He started as a church sexton, arranging funerals for members of his congregation. A generation later, America called upon his son, Charles A. Benedict, to arrange the funeral of President Garfield after his assassination in 1881. Charles answered his country’s call again, in another time of sorrow, arranging the pallbearers for President Grant’s funeral in 1885.
Around the turn of the century, our family relocated to Eastchester, preserving to this day our independence as a family-owned funeral home. With a heritage of professional guidance, our company has earned the trust of people from many ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and faiths.
Services include:  
Personalization, including memorial folders, casket and vault personalization, special music, video tributes, and more
Traditional Gathering and Service
Memorial Gathering and Service
Graveside or Crematorium Gathering
Cremation, with or without memorial services
Specially-themed services
Assistance with veterans benefits, Social Security filings, and insurance benefits
Transfers and transportation
Assistance with cemetery selection and death away from home
Monuments, caskets, inscriptions
Full service flower arrangements
Religious articles, including vestments
Personalized Mementos  
Our funeral directors are happy to explain many other types of observances as well, selecting the elements that are most appropriate for you. We are always available to help you plan a dignified, meaningful service that commemorates the life that has been lived.
Westchester Funeral Home is here to help. We offer complete cremation services and assistance with all your arrangements, including transport, obtaining authorizations and certificates, benefits filing, cremation containers, urn selection, and the arrangement of any type of service you request.

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Address and Phone Number
190 Main Street Eastchester, NY, 10709

Website: Westchester Funeral Home  A Legacy of Caring!


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