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Our programs for safe and natural plant care continue to evolve with each new discovery at leading universities and in the field. Even though the same old pests are still with us, the methods and philosophy of treatments have changed. Conserv-A-Tree will continue to be at the forefront of these developments.
Address: Huntington Station, NY, 11746    
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Website: Conserv-A-Tree
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Providing quality service with a respect for the environment is not a new idea at Conserv-A-Tree. We`ve been doing it since 1972: at home in Huntington Township as well as the rest of Long Island.
Deep Root Fertilizing:
Conserv-A-Tree recognizes your  trees  need for essential nutrients placed deep in this important area during the appropriate season. Our exclusively formulated, balanced liquid fertilizer is applied by injection to maximize nu-trient absorption. Part of this vitamin rich formula is absorbed by the roots for immediate benefit while slower release compounds foster health year round.
Transplanting Large Trees:
We have the professional expertiseand heavy equipment to transplant large trees up to 14" trunk diameter, up to 30` tall.
We will be pleased to provide estimates on moving a single tree or to help you save even more money on a multi-transplant order. We also supply trees on request.
Our heavy machinery can move a large tree in minutes. Virtually any type and size of tree can be moved.
Our work is "thorough" by any standard. We pay careful attention to details and aesthetics before, during and after the transplant.
Tree & Stump Removal:
Dying And Troublesome Trees Removed - We remove dead, dying, or troublesome, overgrown trees and shrubs; cut and cart branches, stump removal when practical.
Scientific Injection:
Pre measured, precise doses of carefully selected systemic chemicals are delivered through feeder tubes into the sap flow of the tree.
We provide extensive treatment for damaged trees or tree removal of dead or dying trees. We are quick and accurate in determining tree ailments and remedies.
Annual Program:   
Systemic Application
Dormant Oil Spray
Foliage Sprays
Aphid & Spider Mite Spray
Specialized Spray Service
Disease Detection:
Conserv-A-Tree provides the trained experts to:
Identify tree pests
Diagnose tree infestation and disease
Prescribe treatment formula
Administer injections

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Address and Phone Number
282 Broadway Huntington Station, NY, 11746

Website: Conserv-A-Tree  Pruning, Fertilizing, Transplanting, Disease Detection And Removal

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